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How I Manage 3 Jobs, 5 Pseudonyms, 7 Dogs, & A High Publishing Rate

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How Do I Manage 3 Jobs, 5 Pseudonyms, 7 Dogs, & A High Publishing Rate?

My lifestyle isn’t for everyone, and often my schedule leaves little room for dawdling, but it’s the life I’ve chosen.

My Kickstarter

The kickstarter to my day is completing my daily reads. There are 6 books I routinely read in the morning (5 daily reads and 1 self-improvement book that breaks into small sections each morning). If I can’t fit in all 6, I read at least 1–2 and save the rest for after my workout before I start my second leg of work.

College Days

I’ve always had more than one thing going on. In college, I was a music director for a church, worked in retail and tech, managed a music teaching business, tagged along for my father’s side hustle, and juggled 17–20 hours of coursework.

Present Days

Now, it’s a bit different. Thankfully, I’m done with school and can focus on what I love. I work in tech, mentor for two companies, write articles and books under 5 pseudonyms, and have 7 dogs.

My biggest lesson from managing a bucket load is that time is extremely limited. With my goals and human constraints, I’ve had to grow more creative to accomplish my goals without burning myself to the ground.

People frequently ask me how I publish so many books. I tell them: I write a lot. That’s all you got to do. But there are two more things you can do to make writing a lot easier:

  1. Maximize your time.
  2. Implement a sustainable routine.

In other words, trim the fat by eliminating redundancies and superfluous obligations and tasks.

12 Time Management & Sustainability Strategies

Randomly, I started reading a book on time management and completed it right around the new year; it changed my life. Time is the one thing we can never get back. Hence, I’ve found ways to maximize my limited time. Here are eight:

#1 Weekly Housecleaning

I never thought the day would come - it was a tough decision - but it did arrive. You have people who clean, and you have people who clean and then check for spots; I’m the latter who says, “Hey, uh…you missed a spot under the toilet; I can see it from over here.” But I’ve given in and finally get weekly housecleaning now. Over the years, my desire to maintain my anal cleaning habits has waned; the time I’d have to dedicate to cleaning at the level I desire is no longer sustainable. Thankfully, I found a winning cleaning team, and they’re damn good.

#2 Lunch Breaks = Workouts

I don’t need an hour to eat lunch, but I do need an hour to work out - a habit I’ve maintained since I was 11 years old. I can fit lunch in anywhere. A workout needs a dedicated time slot, or it most likely won’t happen.

#3 Don’t [Usually] Work My Full-Time Gig Afterhours

I try to avoid working after hours for my full-time job, especially if the task isn’t urgent. It’s called boundaries. The work will always be there waiting for you in the morning. As an entrepreneur, you have to learn when to close the laptop.

#4 Work Remote Only

2019 was the last time I ever worked for a company that didn’t allow me to work remotely full-time. Driving to the office is kool at the beginning of your career. I listened to hundreds of podcasts and read tons of audiobooks, but what if I could have used that time to write?

#5 Don’t Answer Every Phone Call & Text Right Away

Most likely, you won’t get a reply from me right away unless you’re immediate family. The phone is a total distraction.

#6 Get An Assistant

I pay a family member to complete minor tasks that I need to complete personally or from a business standpoint.

#7 Use Others’ Interest To Your Advantage

My partner loves to shop; Hence, my partner does our grocery, house, and clothing shopping. The one shopping I own is dog shopping (it’s one of my addictions; I love getting dog treats and handling all dog-related responsibilities, which I make time for no matter what.) Every now and then, I tag along, but for the most part, when my partner shops, I write.

#8 Use Natural Energy: Ginseng, Maca, Coffee (sometimes)

I’m not your typical coffee drinker. In fact, tea is my preference, but when you’re juggling quite a bit, sometimes a booster is necessary. On top of a clean diet and workouts, If I need a boost in energy, I take ginseng and maca herbal supplements right before my workout. After my workout and post-workout meal, I have a cup of coffee to prepare me for my second leg of work: the side hustles.

#9 Empty Calendar Space Is A Trap

If your calendar is empty, find something to fill it with or something, and someone else will.

For example, I’m passionate about mentoring, but it will obliterate my time available for writing if I’m not careful. I set a rigid schedule for mentoring with limited availability. If a student wants to meet outside of my usual availability, sometimes I can fit them in, but if not, I have to move them to the following week. If you continually sacrifice your time and goals, they won’t get accomplished. And if you don’t set boundaries of unavailability on your calendar, you’ll never get anything done on your time.

#10 Use Everything To Your Advantage - Even “Distractions”

Poetry is my little project, and I write a ton of it. But when I’m lacking inspiration, I play wordless music. Music is my inspiration drug. I can put words to a song.

Sometimes I like to have movies playing in the background on mute when I’m writing. It makes me feel like I’m relaxing even more in my zone. Muted TV is underrated.

#11 Before You Fall Apart, Put Yourself Back Together

Sometimes, you have to stop, take a break, rest, and get away from the ambitious routine. I do that sometimes. It’s necessary. I can tell I’m reaching burnout if I’m getting allergies, my skin is breaking out too much, I’m irritated, or I feel tired even after 8 hours of sleep. You got to know when to pause, or else you’ll be forced to pause.

#12 Write Your Goals Down, Then Plan

Before you figure out a game plan, write your goals down. You can figure out how you’ll obtain them later. I have many goals written down; some seem out of reach, but the more I review the goals, the closer I get to developing a sustainable game plan to reach the goals - without killing myself in the process.

There are no goals unreachable in my book, which means sometimes passion takes over instead of pragmatism. I consistently aim to balance everything I juggle; it’s a life journey. Self-awareness is key. When you listen to your body, your body will treat you well.


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