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My Father Kept Introducing Me To Millionaires & Billionaires As A Kid

Here are 7 things you can learn from my experience:

My father’s side hustle serviced many wealthy and educated individuals throughout my childhood. Each job I went on with my father offered me exposure to millionaires and billionaires.

The conversations I had with our clients and the knowledge they shared with us were priceless. The more jobs we completed, the more comfortable I became around wealthy individuals, infiltrating my subconscious mind. I started to feel, believe, and act like wealthy people.


7 Things I Learned From Millionaire & Billionaires

Each client I met had one thing in common: they all owned a business. None were dependent on traditional income to build their wealth.

90% of the time, they were willing to support other entrepreneurs and young people interested in furthering their education. For example, Bernie Marcus (the owner of Home Depot) wrote me a $1,000 check to study abroad in China.

Money is a tool to be utilized to further yourself; it is to be invested in yourself, your business ventures, and others who are investing in themselves and their business ventures. All of our clients were 100% aware of this truth. Our clients were often willing to give us over-the-market prices for our services - and some - because we were entrepreneurs. Leading to my next point…

At the time, I didn’t realize it, but I was often raising capital for some new business or venture (e.g., writing, publishing books, my music teaching business, and studying abroad to further my education) I was working on. My father’s side hustle provided us with a wealthy network of clients who could invest in those ventures. I never once asked for capital without being willing to work for it, and they respected my work ethic. A majority of our clients invested in all of my business ventures because they saw one thing: I was utilizing my potential to become two things - an investor and an entrepreneur.

Money is worth more to some and less to others. Our clients’ generosity levels were unique; no one was the same. Though many were amply generous, others were more frugal. If you’re wealthy, it doesn’t mean you’re going to give handouts to others for your hard-earned money easily. People get angry at people like Jeff Bezos for being a billionaire, but he’s given more in his lifetime than most people ever will. Yet, he hasn’t given all of his fortunes, and he shouldn’t. He doesn’t owe anyone anything. You can’t get angry at people for what they give and don’t give with their money - even if they have unlimited amounts of it.

They pay top dollar for services. My father and I earned $200+ per hour for our services, which is why I have never been able to work for low wages for extended periods throughout my life.

Exposure can’t be summed up in one word. By consistently being around millionaires and billionaires, my level of thinking heightened. I expanded my goals, vision, and horizons because of a simple thing: exposure. I have to give ownership to my father and all of his clients because I probably wouldn’t be where I am today without them. Don’t underestimate the power of exposure.


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Photo Credit: Pexels, Alexander Suhorucov & Edmond Dantès

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