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What’s The 1 Thing You’re Saying “No” to This Month?

Discipline is probably the hardest thing to implement consistently; it’s so challenging that we usually call it quits after we get started on whatever goal we are pursuing. It’s a new month, a new year, and a new week. What is the one thing you’re actively doing to improve your life?

Beneficial Dissemination

If you have discipline in one area, it carries over into other areas; I like to call this beneficial dissemination. Discipline is infectious after you incorporate it faithfully; you get addicted to positive results, making it harder to not adopt a disciplined lifestyle. Hence, when you develop a new beneficial habit, don’t quit it because it’s more challenging to build up consistency than to continue.

My July Discipline Exercise

This month I’m completing the following exercise not only for my health but to harden my mental strength and cultivate my willpower.

What I’m saying “no” to this month:

  • Processed foods
  • Eating out $$$
  • Sugar

Almost every food we eat has sugar in it. It’s the hidden thing in all of your food that keeps you coming back for me. The cravings have been a real eye-opener.

When I’m working, writing, or watching something, I no longer have my fix (i.e., sacks and sugars) that I like to indulge into numb the ”itch” for something tasty.

Benefits I’ve experienced so far:

  • Added budget from not eating out
  • Mental clarity
  • More energy

I can’t allow the silent addiction—that’s affecting the masses—to run my life because if I do, pretty soon it will matter.

What’s The 1 Thing You’re Doing This Month To Improve Your Life?

Complacent. That’s what most of us settle for willingly. What is one thing you can do this month to elevate your life? What is the one thing you can change this month that will be the difference-maker for the year?

I’m reading—a ton. The more I read, the more I develop my mind, soul, and spirit. It’s easy to get lost in tv shows. It’s also easy to get lost in a book if you maintain a passion for personal development.


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Photo Credit: Pexels, Cottonbro

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