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A Girl Who Wants A Family

Once there was a girl, she wanted a family. The girl was me. I kept moving. First, I lived with mom, my stepbrother, and my stepdad. We had a decent life there. I mostly stayed with my cousins or friends most of the time. I remember my mom; she would try to do anything for us. She was short, brown hair and was a loving mother. A Monster High birthday party. Remembering opening an electric journal that made music. My mom had many boyfriends but that didn’t get in her way taking care of us. One tooked us to this bright blue, small waterfall, where we went behind it. She did my hair. One day she had a seizure and dropped the straightener on me. I knew it was accident, but she was so mad at herself. The doctors didn’t know why she was having them. The stepdad would augue with my mom. My brother and I and our mom left and went to our grandmas because we did not have anywhere else to go. My brother and I stayed there for a while. Our mom left. There was something bad that happened!

The grandma who we called, “MA,” had an alcoholic boyfriend. He would yell and scream. He always wanted beer and you better give it to him, or you would see the worst side of him. One day he hit my MA. I packed my and brothers’ bag and told our grandma pack her things, but she did not want to. I told my grandma that we were leaving even if she didn’t want to go. So, the kids left. I was angry. Before we left, I remember picking rocks up and thrown it at his window. We went to our neighbor. We were close. The neighbor asked what happened and tried to contact their mother, but she never answered. The next day the man called me a nigger. I told my mom that day and her and her boyfriend beat him and smashed his TV. The ambulance came and later they found out that he had a broken nose, broken both eye socket. The next day, the children went to school and had a great day. I loved school. It was my happy place. There were called into the office a few minutes before the school day ended. The principle cared a lot, but he didn’t know anything, or he knew and didn’t tell me. He gave us a snack and a bottled water. An hour later, our mom and with her was our nanny with her car. When they got into their nanny silver car, they saw their stuff in the back.

“What’s going on?” I said.

My brother and I had to leave; we were so scared. At first thought, we were going to foster care, but we didn’t. Our nanny welcomed us in her home. We left our mom, but she could come to see them anytime, but she didn’t she only came a couple of times. We had a great time there with our nanny. In December, at Christmas time we got more presents than we have ever had before. She was a good cook. We went to karaoke almost every weekend, she was the owner. She was extremely sick though.

One day she had to ride in the ambulance to the hospital. The social worker found out she had been having heart attacks and she was incredibly lucky to still be living. The social worker said if she had to go to the hospital again, she will have to call her, so she can take us somewhere else. So, she had to call when she got out. Our little family were going home to get some money to go to KFC, but when we got there, there was a car there and it was the social worker and we went inside and my brother and I looked out the window and I went into the bathroom and started to cry, I had lots of thoughts about what was going on, but I didn’t know which one was right or if any was.

Then they came in and the social worker started to talk to my brother and I and our nanny was crying. She asked me to come to talk to her. I didn’t want to, but I did anyway. I was hating her. The social worker told me that we had to leave. I started to cry,

I screamed, ” I DONT WANT TO LEAVE!!!!”

The worker said, ” I have to run somewhere and have your stuff packed before I come back, I’ll pick you and your brother up.”

Then she left. I told my nanny I was going across the street to my friend’s house, and I left. When I got there, I was pouring, knocked on the door and my friend’s mom answered.

Their mom said, ” Why are you crying?”

I told the mom everything and she said,” Oh, I’m so sorry.” ” Is there something I can do?”

I said, ” Yeah kind of where’s Lucy and Elizabeth at? I need to tell them this. ”

” Oh, I’m on my way to get Lucy, she’s at someone’s house, I’ll hurry up so you can talk to her.”

” Okay, thank you so much.” I left.

I went home to all the sadness, and my nanny told me and my brother to go to my brother’s cousin’s house, so they could try to get us. We rode their bikes fast down the street. When we got there, my brother knocked on the door, but his cousin wasn’t home. We were disappointed. We got on their bikes and went home. When we got home, we told our nanny they were not home.

Then Lucy and her mom came by and they came in. I told Lucy I had to pack some of my things. Then, they both went upstairs. When we got up there, I told Lucy that I had to leave because my nanny was sick and couldn’t take care of them. Then, we both started to cry.

Lucy said, ” I’ll be back, I forgot something.”

She ran downstairs. I started to pack. Lucy came back but had a note in her hand. Lucy gave it to me, I opened it and started to read the exact word. It said, ” Dear, Destiny, I will miss you. I love you. I’ll remember you always.” Then we started to cry again.

Lucy asked, ” Do you want me to help you pack? ”

” Sure.” I replied. We started to pack.

The social worker came about twenty minutes after they started to pack. The social worker came to the steps. She yelled upstairs,

” Are you ready to go? ”

” Yeah, give me a few minutes. ” Destiny said.

Lucy and I finally went downstairs. They all were at the kitchen table. The social worker helped the kids get our things into the car. The siblings were crying. Our nanny was crying too. We both went up to our nanny and hugged her. Then, I ran up to her younger friend and hugged her.

The social worker said, “It’s time to go. ”

We got into the car and were still crying. We looked at their nanny through the window and waved. Our nanny waved back, and the social worker told us to buckle up. We did. Then, they left. The social worker asked if we were hungry.

I said, ” Duh, we were going to go to KFC, but you had to come to ruin it!”

The social worker drove through McDonald’s and ordered two kid’s meals. We got to eat it in the car. I asked where the foster parents lived.

” Smith Grove.” The social worker said.

It felt like it took endless time. We finally arrived and drove down the long driveway. We all went in, and foster parents looked nice. We stayed there for a few months. We got to visited our nanny. They loved it there. The foster family had dogs, cats, horses, and cats and even more kids. Both of us had been Baptist and saved. I met this handsome guy at school. I was fallen for him. Then, how worst could it get? When we got home from school one day, us; 3 kids walked up our long driveway. When we got home, l went into my room and screamed. I ran out of the room.

” Where’s all of my stuff? ” I screamed.

The foster mom said, ” You guys are leaving, your brother’s nana and pa want you and your brother.”

I started to cry and slammed myself on the couch and told my foster mom that I did not want to leave.

” You have to and it’s time to leave.” She spoke.

We got in the truck and left.

When we all arrived, the social worker was there and my brother’s nana. We all got out of the truck and his nana said hi.

She said, “Let’s move your stuff into my car. ”

When we got done moving our stuff into her car, she told me that I had to sit upfront because there was no room in the back. When we arrived at the house, we got out and went inside. I did not like it there; didn’t have a room. I slept on the couch and the floor. We had the internet, and she had social media and she loved that. They were mean to her. They stayed there for about eight months. When I went to school, in the third period the teacher introduced her to a girl named Kalinda. They became friends and then best friends.

One day, I stayed the night with Kalinda, and we found out that we were cousins. We were like two peas in a pod. Everywhere we went, we were together. On June 20th, we had to go court because his nana didn’t want us. My cousin came too. When the court was done, they said the siblings were going to a foster home. Kalinda’s dad and mom tried to get them, but they needed a lawyer. We all went to the Social Services Department. When they got there, Kalinda and Destiny were already crying. The social worker had to pull me off Kalinda. The two siblings went to a new house. The family moved to 3 homes with them. We thought we would live there forever, but we did not. The foster mom and the girl would always argue and fuss back and forth. The foster parents loved the boy. They lived with the foster parents for about a year. I met a new best friend at school named Iramis. I never forgot about Kalinda, but we became good friends, I talked to Iramis about everything. I stayed at her friend’s house mostly every time school was out.

During school, she met her two loves of her life named Tyree and Ibrahim. Tyree was new to the school and had came from Florida. He was a light skin and was extremely cute. He lived down the road from me. We would hang out a lot. Some kids would ride the bikes around the neighborhood. I had a bike ramp where people would come over and jump it. Lots of kids was in their neighborhood. Cam helped her ride his hoverboard. Tyree and I would sit together on the bus and hold hands. His twin sisters were so sweet. On Valentine’s Day, everyone swapped gifts and candy and watched movies. It was a sad day for me. Yes, I had a boyfriend, friends, a teacher, and foster mom that loved and care deeply about her. I found out my boyfriend last day was that day. Little did I know it was a lie. While the kids were watching a movie, my boyfriend came into my class and told me that he’s leaving, and we hugged. I cried so much, for severely days. When he walked out of the room, I remembered to write a note and her number on it. I ran to her teacher and asked I could go catch up with him. MRS. Powell was my favorite teacher. My teacher said yeah that I could catch up with him. I ran out of the room, tears running down her face. I got to the hallway that was connected to the 3rd grade class and the office. I yelled his name and he turned around. He walked toward as I walked toward him. I gave him a note and we hugged again. Then, his mom said it was time to go. I didn’t want to stop hugging him, but he had to go. I was crying so much, he wiped my tears and hugged for the last time. He turned around left and never looked back.

On the last day of school, the school had a 5th grade graduation. I hung out with my next pea in the pot and my boyfriend, Ibrahim. At the end of the graduation, my boyfriend was leaving and had to go back to class to get his things and so did I. We both walked to the class. We were in separate class but just next door. I grabbed my things and met him by the door of his class. He finally came out of the room. His niece came up with her phone and asked if she can take a picture of us and he asked if that was okay, and I said yeah. He hugged me and the little girl took a photo. The photo was gorgeous. We broke up but promised to keep in touch, little did I know that I was going to another home. After the school graduation, I went home. I was going to stay at my friend’s house for a couple of days. when I got home, I changed and asked if I could go to her friend’s house now, my foster mom said yeah. When I got there, we both felled asleep. My friend’s sister woke me up and told me that my foster mom needed me home. I told her sister that she will be back as soon as she could. I left. When I arrived, my brother was crying. Saying, ” He wanted to stay.” The foster mom told me what was happening and told me to go pack.

My brother and I arrived at yet another home. We met all the family that night. They took us to Colton’s and the other family met us there. My brother was still crying when we got to the restaurant. There was a 2-year-old, 8-year-old, a 14-year-old, and a 20-year-old. I loved babies. I was so excited. When we got done there, we drove to their house. Our new house. I remember it! We pulled onto a road. I was thinking “a rich neighborhood, WOW!” We finally turned into the driveway. The house was big. There were 2 cars there. The house was a light brown, brick 2-story house. They had a trampoline, basketball goal and many bikes.

I did get separated a day before his birthday. A year later, he got adopted. I remain in foster care. Foster care is sometimes a good thing. For me, I just want to leave foster homes. I want to find a permanent home and want to be loved.  

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