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Puff Piece

I am not legendary, best, or great.

Never been acclaimed, iconic, visionary.

I was outstanding in a field. That was just for an afternoon, in Oklahoma.

I’m not really leading or celebrated.

Not close to award-winning or cutting-edge. Cutting edge lives 6.7 km away.

Innovation passed me by. I was sitting in traffic on the 405.

Can’t really put my finger on being revolutionary, extraordinary, or brilliant.

No hit songs. I really don’t even sing. Not even in the shower.

Famous, renowned, remarkable? Nope, not me.

Not too much in the way of prestigious.

World-class? I did walk through the lobby of a really nice hotel once, but I may be wrong about that.

Respected, notable, virtuoso? No, not purported.

Honorable yes, awesome yes, unique yes, pioneering no.

I am, however, remarkable.

Which is phenomenal.

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Douglas Pilarski is an award-winning writer & journalist based on the west coast. He writes about luxury goods, exotic cars, horology, tech, food, lifestyle, and workplace issues!

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