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Who is she? Part 2.

Merely a day has passed as he searched the streets for the woman who lit a fire within his soul, his soul he forgot he had so many moons ago. It was eight pm, the streets dark, foggy even. Though plenty lurk them. Typically cheap men and harlots looking for a moment or two with a man so they can simply eat. Truly a shame how women needed to think selling their bodies was the only way to live, however who was he to judge. He was a monster after all. As another hour passed, and nine pm approached he decided it was time to make his way back to the inn, suddenly a scream pierced his ears. It was not close, white far actually. Deep into the village, the tone was familiar. He waited no longer and allowed his body to phase quickly throughout the village.

A small cottage at the bed, a woman, not any woman Clara. Screaming as the man scolded her once again, holding her tightly by the wrist and slapping her hard as he ever saw someone hit. Bruises forming already on her fragile skin, deep inside the fire that she sparked was becoming a blaze. The anger filled him, as she could not sit there any longer. He phased once again, it was like a gust of wind formed around them, as the man suddenly flew against the cottage side wall, knocking him out instantly, Noah now behind the woman he had been watching for so long. “Are you alright?” Clara gasped as she turned to face the man that had saved her life or at least seemed too. “Did you… that?” Her eyes glanced between Noah and the man. “When he wakes he will kill me!” As she moved to tb man. “Edwen, please wake up! Oh my Lord…wake up.” Clara looked back to Noah. “I thank you, but you don’t understand.”

Noah was in shock, as he stood in front of this woman who wanted to save the man who beat her. Noah sighed and yet confused as he came to her aid. “I can wake up, he is just knocked out..I did not mean to make matters worse..I saw you were being hurt and I could not stand there.” Clara met his eyes, his eyes were dark, forest green. Pale skin, with a pink undertone. His hair black as a raven. Clara never really looked at him till now, silence came over as well as it came over Noah. They simply locked eyes and became memorized by one another, waiting for the other to just simply speak…

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