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Time Isn’t All It Tells

The clock always chimed at the same time every day: 4:00 on the dot. I stood by the clock, anxiously waiting for the chime. What would it tell me today? Someone’s secret? Or a story from someone or something I didn’t know? I never knew what I would learn, but I was intrigued. Maybe one day the clock would chime at 4:00 and I could learn where the clock came from or where it got its powers or even who it was talking about.


I stood up from the floor just as the hands of the clock began to move and reveal the next secret.

Marie was in the garden when it happened.

Everything is not as it seems.

Beware of the garden.

The hands on the clock returned to their normal spot. 4:01. “Who was Marie?” I wondered, “And what happened in the garden?” My mind began to swirl with questions. I only really wanted to know how this clock knew everything and how it got here, but I guess I’ll heed the warning in the meantime. Maybe tomorrow it would tell me more about itself, although now I found myself concerned with Marie and the garden. Maybe she was the estate’s previous owner? Or just someone who frequented the property?

But then I saw it!

Out of the corner of my eye, a shadow moved in the garden. It looked human-like with long dark hair. I could just be seeing things, or it could just be a shadow from a tree or an animal, but there was something eerie about it. I figured I was just paranoid and better wait until the clock chimed again tomorrow before I jumped to conclusions about the garden. Though, it was peculiar. 

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