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Time to say goodbye.

Time to say goodbye – Poem by Ellysa Greenhalgh.

He stands up against the bar, his glass of scotch & ice lifted to his lips

His other hand holds a pipe, just like the one his grandfather smoked

The smell of scotch & tobacco is heavy in the air

A warm breeze blows through the open door, it lightly ruffles his wavy short black hair

He can hear his son & daughter playing by the pond, always happy to be together

They are his pride & joy, a strapping brown haired boy, smart & inquisitive by nature

His daughter is a bubbly blonde, always chatting & smiling, he knows people are fooled by this, they do not expect her to be so intelligent & witty

They are both well spoken, both well versed on all he has taught them

As his mind is drifting he can sense a familiar presence, one that brings him peace & calm

He looks across the bar to see a beautiful blonde, self assured, a little smile on her face

Her blue eyes are twinkling, he can see she is well dressed

As he looks at her, he still can’t believe, this beautiful woman in front choose to make a life with him

Their shared history is passed between them without a word spoken, they both can tell what each other is thinking with just a glance

His beautiful wife let’s him know it’s almost time for the kids to go to bed, he nods in acknowledgment, not looking away

As she walks off he gets lost in his thoughts, his mind never stops

He knows he has a gift, he knows his way of thinking is unique, but he can feel that this will do him well in his life

As an older man he stands against a different bar, more of a short wall, facing the sea

The smell of the sea fills his senses, the sound of the waves crashing is what he concentrates on

He knows that his time is short, he knows that the sun won’t rise for him much longer

His beautiful wife come to stand beside him, lovingly wrapping a blanket around him & helps him to the bed

As he lies down he thinks back of all he has achieved, his work was a huge success, he knows he has left a mark for another to take on, he knows this will take time, there are not many who are so intelligent & dignified in all they do

His children all grown up, now with children of their own

He could not be prouder of all they have achieved, challenges they have faced, all the trauma they have conquered

He knows he has done all he can, he knows he has fought hard, he knows it is time to say goodbye

His ever loving wife wraps her arms around him, bringing the peace he needs.

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