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Make it Quick: An Erotic Short

I hurry into my room and close the door. Lock it. Fire off a quick text to my roommate. Work call. Be ready in 10.

It couldn’t wait. I reach into my top drawer where my vibrator rests next to my collection of bras and pull out the velvety smooth wand. Fuck me indeed. My underwear is already wet, I had been horny all day. Needing this all day.

Later tonight I’d take my time, relish the sensations. Pull up something erotic on my phone and tease myself a little. But right now, I needed the quick release. I turn the vibrator on and flick through the different settings while my other hand slips off my pants and underwear.

I lean back on my bed and push the vibrator inside of me in one firm motion. No need for niceties. It fills me up and it is intense. Just how I like it. My eyes roll back as I grip the end and pump it inside of me, finding my g-spot without mercy.

I make quick work of myself. The orgasm is a hard, fast wave of tense and release. I’m hot and still horny as I rinse off the vibrator and return it to its place in my nightstand. The rest would have to wait. At least now I’ll be able to sit through dinner like a normal human.

I check the time. Still 6 minutes left to get ready. 

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