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Enemies but Lovers

I adjusted my messenger bag strap once more. “This damn thing is starting to get heavy,” I thought to myself gripping my bow tighter. 

I watched the man that accompanied me. His skills were one of few things that made him useful. Well, that and his good looks.

“If I didn’t need you to get off this island, I would kill you.” I mused to myself. 

A nearby tree was good enough to rest for the moment. I looked down at my wounded leg. It wasn’t as infected in days prior but still enough of a nuisance to prevent me from being in prime shape. I closed my eyes and realized that I was trying to catch my breath.

“Jaeger, are you ok?” asked my companion, Landon. 

I felt his hands on my shoulders. My eyes opened to his handsome features and the concerned look in his dark eyes. I hid the pain and said, “I’m ok, Landon. I just need to rest. You forget that my leg isn’t fully healed yet.”

“Let’s find a place for you to sit so I can look at your wound,” he said.

Using the tree as support, I slowly slid myself to the ground and replied, “There’s nothing wrong with the ground.”

Landon sat in front of me and began to unwrap the bandage.

I closed my eyes and let the memories of the past come to the surface.

It was ten years ago; I was escorting Landon into his cell. The cell where I thought he was going to spend his twenty-year sentence. He was found guilty of killing a man that supposedly killed his brother. He claimed it wasn’t him but all the evidence was stacked against him. “Let me go,” he pleaded to me as we got closer to the cell. I shook my head at him. It was not the first time I heard this and it wasn’t going to be the last. “Please, let me go. You know I’m innocent,” he said to me as his cell was opened. I opened the cuffs and shoved him into the cell. As I walked away, I could faintly hear him say. “I didn’t do it. Please believe me,”

A sting of pain brought me out of my thoughts, and I grabbed Landon’s neck.

He tried to loosen my grip with both of his hands as he began to gasp for air.

It didn’t register that I was starting to hurt him until he began turning pale. I let go of him. He laid back on the ground and started catching his breath. I got on my hands and knees and my face was inches from his. 

“I can’t believe that I was close to killing him. I was only able to because he was caught off guard. The ‘unkillable’ can be killed,” I thought to myself.

“You… had me… worried, my love,” Landon said, in between breaths.

“I’m sorry. I was lost in thought, and I felt pain,” I apologized. 

“Do you love me? Convicts don’t know how to love.” I pondered to myself. 

“I was applying new ointment on your leg,” replied Landon, with a smile. He caressed my face and kissed me.

I savored his passion, but that was all. When he pulled away, his eyebrows furrowed. It’s the norm when he’s trying to get a read on me but can’t. 

“Is your leg hurting you that bad?” he asked.

I laid next to him and nodded.

He sat up and grabbed a cleaner wrap out of his pack. “Don’t daydream on me again. I want my neck in one piece,” he said.

“Are you sure you don’t want a couple of bite marks later?” I asked.

Landon rolled his eyes and said, “As long it’s my neck and nowhere else.” He tapped my leg lightly when he was done wrapping my wound.

I slowly raised to my feet and he put the messenger bag back onto my shoulder. I grabbed the quiver of arrows and slung it over my shoulder. I kept an arrow at the ready and said, “Let’s get going, shall we?”

“Are you sure? We can make camp here,” said Landon.

“No. We have to get closer to our target area today,” I replied. “You take the lead since you know where you are going.”

We then started in the same direction we were heading. This time the terrain was getting less rocky, and it was easier for me to keep up with him. As I followed him, I allowed my mind to get lost in thought once more.

It was five months ago, and I was on a plane with three other officers like myself. We were accompanied by eight convicts, one of them being Landon. The four of us were on a recapture mission of the convicts that the aliens released from prison. I only went on the mission because it was good money and a chance to catch Landon. During the four years, he was in prison, we became quite fond of each other. In his absence, I learned that the man he killed was my nephew. I planned on giving him full punishment when at my mercy. My nephew was a good man. He was studying to become a lawyer. He would have been a good one. A lawyer that would have fought for the people and he was killed before he completed prelaw.

I stopped again and rested against a tree. This time I covered my face with my arm. Tears were streaming down my face. I had to keep Landon from seeing them. Me crying? It had to be my body trying to fight the infection with inadequate sleep. I don’t crack this easy. We had to cover at least another twenty miles today. If we don’t, we wouldn’t be safe.  

“I have to stay strong. I can’t break down like this when I have the arrow aimed at his heart,” I thought to myself.

“What’s wrong?” asked Landon.

His strong hands were on my shoulders again. I could feel his concerned eyes burning into my skull. “Just leave me alone. I’m thinking about my nephew again,” I began. “Give me some room to breathe.”

His hands were gone, and leaves crunched as he stepped away. He was still staring. I could feel it. 

“I have to get rid of him somehow. Though I feel that I must let him explain himself before I kill him. Maybe something was going on behind my back that I didn’t know about. I don’t know how to bring it up,” I thought to myself. 

I let my hands fall to my sides with a sigh. I opened my eyes and Landon was still looking at me. Those dark eyes that I have grown to love. Could I even do it? Make them lifeless when I have to?

“Are you sure you don’t want to camp here?” he asked of me.

“No. We can’t camp till we get closer to the alien’s base. The waterfall would be a perfect rest spot. You even said so yourself,” I replied.

Then there was a rustling noise near us.

I notched an arrow and pointed in the direction of the noise.

“What the hell was that?” Landon whispered, machete raised. 

“An alien spy no doubt,” I replied.

Out of the bushes, a figure arose. It showed its hands as it came closer to us, to show they were unarmed. The figure was a combination of blue and silver. It was tall, thin, and had feminine features. Her face was thin and had a cat-like appearance. She had scarce clothing that only covered her chest and gentiles. No doubt in my mind that it was a woman. I glanced at Landon out of the corner of my eye and he was checking her out. 

“She’s attractive. Too bad, she’s an alien,” I thought to myself.

She came inches away from me. The look on her face told me she was leery of me but not the weapon I wielded. She slowly circled both of us trying to find a safe way to approach us.

“I didn’t even know that females existed in their species. I have only seen the men. Unless it was the armor, they wear that makes them all look like men,” I thought to myself.

She stopped in front of me and stared straight into my eyes. “I need your help,” she said.

It was crystal clear English. I glanced over at Landon who was as surprised as I was.

“I have been taking care of one of your kind and he needs your help,” she said.

Landon lowered his weapon and I raised mine to her throat.

She backed herself against a tree and the fear returned to her eyes.

A wicked smile crept onto my face as I contemplated what color her blood would be if she bled. 

“Jaeger, lower your weapon. She’s defenseless and harmless,” said Landon.

“I don’t trust any of them. How do we know that she won’t lead us into a trap? You know that they have been trying to kill us since they shot us down on this damned island,” I said.

“They try to kill me too. I am a rogue to them. I refuse to help them in their conquering of Earth. Please, your fellow human is on the verge of death. He needs your assistance. I have done all I could to help him. My friends are doing their best to keep him stable until I come back. Please come with me,” she said putting a hand in front of her. 

My aim lowered slightly at her lousy attempt of shielding herself. As much as I wanted to end her right here, I needed to know something. 

“Does this person know us?” I asked.

“Yes. He was in the plane with you when you were shot down,” she replied.

“Do you know his name?” I asked.

“What’s with the questions? He could be dying,” said Landon.

“I know but first I need to know if he’s worth my time or not,” I replied.

“His name is Diego. He asked for you specifically, Jaeger,” she said.

I lowered my weapon and felt a wave of despair come over me. Diego was another one of my favorite convicts. Not in the same way Landon is. 

“Lead the way,” I said.

She sighed in relief and said, “Please try to keep up if you two can. We don’t have much time.”

“Are you sure about this Jaeger?” whispered Landon into my ear.

“I haven’t been this sure in my life,” I replied with a smile. 

“When Diego is saved, I won’t need you anymore. He doesn’t ask questions and he hasn’t killed anyone in my family. He will help me kill you,” I thought to myself.

“I love you,” Landon said, kissing my cheek.

I pulled him into an embrace and thought to myself, “I’d love to kill you.”


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