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The Ultimate Birthday Wish: Part 2

The light burns my retinas and then the mixture of forest with spice assaults my senses. Black shadows cloud my eyes and my entire body feels like jello. I quickly cover my eyes with my hands.

“Babe, are you okay?” the voice asks, causing my throat to tighten.

I take a steadying breath before I slowly open my eyes. He’s standing there, blocking the blazing sunlight, with sweat on his brow, a crooked smile on his perfect lips, and the blues of his eyes sparkling.

“Baby.” I croak, trying to get to my feet, but my limbs aren’t corroborating. He laughs and wipes his brow before closing the distance between them, “Hey, I know you’re not that drunk. We just drank a beer each,” he says, as he puts his hands on both of her arms, and they lock eyes.

She feels his breath caressing her face and watches his beautiful smile widen, “I…just…I can’t believe you’re here,” she says, as she wiggles herself out of his grasp and lifts her hand to rest on the thrum of his heart. She closes her eyes and burns this moment into her mind.

“You’re kinda’ scaring me, here.” he says, as the brown scruff on his face brushes roughly against her ear. I feel the tears prick my eyes, as images of his bloodied swollen face and full body cast appear. She feels the tears escape the corners of her eyes.

His grip loosens and she feels him wrap his strong arms around her firmly. She nestles her face into the crook of his neck, “I love you.” she whispers, as she lifts her face slightly from his shoulder, and plants a few kisses on his pulse point.

She opens her eyes ,“I love you, “ she says again, this time leaning away from him. She places another set of kisses, over his heart, hidden by his navy blue t-shirt. She feels him take a small step away.

“As much as I’m loving this, I know something’s wrong. Did something happen after I left your house last night?” he asks, his blue-green eyes now burning into hers. She takes a steadying breath, “Okay, this is going to sound weird, but you know that I’d never lie to you, right?” she asks, her eyes glancing at his luscious lips before meeting his eyes again.

“You know I do, babe.” he says, as he gives her a small smile that doesn’t quite reach his eyes. She takes another steadying breath, “You know how everyone is granted one wish on their 18th Birthday,” he gives her a nod, his eyes searching hers, “Well, my wish was to see you again.” she says, tears cascading down her cheeks.

He stares at her for a moment, a frown marring his handsome features, “I just saw you last night at dinner with your family,” he says, his brow furrowed, “No, baby, I didn’t see you last night. You’ve been in a coma for almost two years.” she says, as her throat tightens, and she grabs at her chest.

She feels his big hands touch her shoulders and then move to gently lift her chin up to look at him, “I don’t know what’s going on with you, but Gracie, I love you. You can tell me anything and I promise I’ll still love you.” he says, wiping a tear from her cheek.

“I wish I was lying, Clay. I really do,” she says, as she takes a sharp breath, “But I need you to believe me, when I tell you that you were in an accident. You were on your way to pick me up for the Spring Dance Sophomore Year and you hit a tree on Dilger Rd,” she stops, as a fresh batch of tears fall down her cheeks. She notices his eyes glistening with tears.

“The night of the dance also happened to be our…” she says, but his voice cuts in, “…anniversary,” he says, his voice barely above a whisper. I swallow hard, “Right, it was our one year anniversary, and we were going to go out and have dinner at Vincenti’s after the dance. ” she says, her tears now falling down in droves.

She suddenly feels Clay pull her back into his arms and then takes a steadying breath. She holds onto him tightly, inhaling that forest and spice scent of his cologne a second time. She can’t help but smile.

They stand there for a few moments, his arms wrapped around her waist, her arms wrapped around his lower back, their soft breath’s intermingling. Her smile widens, as he cradles the back of her head with his hand.

“I’m sorry I never made it to the dance, babe. If I wasn’t in a coma, I know my ass would have wished for the same moment we’re having now,” he says, as he pulls back a little, and releases one of his hands from my waist, and lifts it to move a loose strand of my hair behind my ear.

He gives me that crooked smile I love so much before leaning in and capturing my lips with his. Butterflies erupt in her stomach and for a moment, she forgets that this is merely a wish being fulfilled.

         A beautiful dream that will soon morph into the nightmare that is her life without him. 

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