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The Girl in the Tower

They say there’s a princess in a tower, held captive by a horrible dragon. Every day, she sits at the window and stares out at the horizon, longing to be rescued. Every night, she goes to sleep dreaming that in the morning, a knight in shining armor will come galloping towards her on a snow-white horse to slay the beast and set her free from her prison. Her hair falls in golden waves, and her lips are the red of roses. A more beautiful woman has never been seen in all the land.

He finds her tower and calls out to her. In the stories he’s heard, it happens differently. But her hair is not a magic staircase, and there’s nothing she can do but throw him a rope so he can scale the tower walls. He moves slowly, careful not to slip, looking over his shoulder at the ground falling farther and farther below him. A fall could be deadly. But there she is, his lovely princess, the golden prize at the end of this treacherous climb. He comes closer and closer, until he is there at her window, dripping in sweat from the journey, muscles aching. He lifts his helmet and looks her in the eye – and sees a hint of fire he hadn’t noticed from below. Her gaze burns as she smiles at her knight. He leans in for a kiss, and that’s when it happens.

She pushes him, slender arms surprisingly strong. They free-fall together through the air, hundreds of feet up and falling toward the ground. As he looks up to ask her why, he sees wings sprout from her back. Her body grows until she is three, four, five times larger than the maiden she once was, her body covered in leathery scales. She turns to look at him, and her eyes are no longer human.

The last thing he sees is a jet of fire from her mouth, shooting towards him as he falls, and a dragon circling her tower.

Recommended1 Simily SnapPublished in Fantasy, Flash Fiction