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A Woman Of Fine Taste.

Melisa was alone in the kitchen scraping the untouched food into the bin when the dam finally burst. The tears she had been holding back all day came streaming out, small rivers of scalding water poured down her cheeks. The makeup she had so painstakingly applied now lay in ruins, today like every other day in the last few months had ended in disaster. It had been also different in the beginning; it had just been Charles and her. She never cooked an evening meal in those days, every evening he would take her out to the finest restaurants. But that was before his mammy dearest came to live with them, that was when everything went downhill.

It was suddenly as if darkness had descended on their home, suddenly nothing she did was good enough. Her dress sense was all wrong, her makeup was tacky, and she was wasteful with money. In mothers’ eyes dining out was a frightful waste of money, every wife should be a gourmet chef. Melisa had spent a small fortune on cookery books. The kitchen shelves groaned under the weight of the books, and she had tried every recipe in those vast volumes. However, nothing she cooked was good enough for mother dearest, lately, she had taken to leaving her food untouched. Charles would fuss over her and end up taking her out to eat, Melisa would be left to dump the untouched food and clean up like a skivvy.

On numerous occasions of late Melisa had toyed with the idea of leaving him, but unfortunately, she had no place to go. Whenever she attempted to talk to Charles about his annoying mother, she got the same answer each time. “Mother is a woman of fine taste; you should try and work with her”. Melisa had reached a point where she felt she must surely lose her mind, but in the end, she always bit her lip and carried on. I will try harder she told herself, I will show them both that I can cook a delicious meal. Tomorrow she thought, I will cook a meal the likes of which, no one could fault. But later that night as she tried to sleep, his words played a loop over and over in her head. “Mother is a woman of fine taste”.

Melisa worked slavishly in the kitchen following the recipe to the letter; she had spent the entire morning running from shop to shop, ensuring she had all the finest ingredients. This would be a venison stew fit for the table of kings. She sensed the woman’s presence before she uttered a word; she could feel her disapproving gaze burning into her back. At first, Melisa became nervous and found her hands beginning to tremble, she gripped the meat cleaver in her hand until her knuckles went white. But slowly the nervousness dissipated to be replaced by a much colder emotion, a voice at the back of her mind whispered “one word, if that bitch utters even one word”. For the first time in a very long time, Melisa felt calm and in control.

Melisa checked the dining room one more time, everything was exactly as it should be and she smiled. The sound of Charles’s car pulling up in the driveway caused her to glance in the mirror to check her makeup, perfect she thought just perfect, as she admired her reflection. By the expression on his face, Melisa knew that Charles was impressed with her efforts. She watched with bated breath as he lifted the first spoon of steaming stew to his lips, it seemed like an eternity before he gave any impression regarding the food. Melisa’s heart soared when he smiled and tucked in with gusto to her special stew. She could have burst into song when he asked for a second helping. Charles had been right all along, she had just needed to work with his mother. Another thing he was right about, was the fact his mother did taste fine.

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