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No More Happy Endings.

The portly old lady waited patiently in the queue, now and again she sighed softly and shifted her weight from leg to leg. Her feet were killing her it had been a long and exhausting morning, the queue of people ahead of her shuffled slowly forward. The medical marijuana clinics were very busy these days, this one was the third she had visited this morning and she had to queue in each one. Still, one had to make some sacrifices for the system to work, so far it had worked an absolute treat. She stole another furtive glance at the I.D. card she held in her hand, just to make sure it matched the name on the prescription for the weed. It would be a serious inconvenience not to mind embarrassment if she had pulled the wrong I.D. card from her purse.

Back at the kitchen table, Mavis emptied the weed from her morning’s work in a little pile in the middle of the table. She sniffed deeply taking in the pungent aroma of the green buds; she always insisted her prescriptions were for the most potent variety. When she had finished rolling a couple of big fat joints, she put the rest of the weed in the Tupperware container with the airtight lid. She smiled with satisfaction as she looked at the container, she had more than enough to complete this project. Still, she thought no time to rest, better crack on with her preparations.

The doorbell rang and Mavis hurried down the hallway, she smiled to herself when she looked through the fisheye lens on the heavy door. The young girl and boy stared at the door in anticipation; they are filling out nicely Mavis observed to herself as she let them in. Walking behind them down the hall she was satisfied that they had reached the optimum weight level; they would provide enough for months to come. Yes, it was time for them to be corralled. She did not want the months of preparation to go to waste. They needed to be protected now; after all, she did not want anyone else benefitting from her work.

The room was enveloped with a dense cloud of pungent marijuana smoke, the boy and girl sat opposite Mavis. Their eyes glazed, and grinning from ear to ear as they wolfed down the mountain of food she had prepared. Later she led them to the basement on the pretext of showing them where she grew the weed. They were too stoned to even realize they were trapped there when she locked the heavy steel door. They would make fine eating, enough for a long time, in the meantime, they would stay locked in there until she was ready. There would be no Hansel and Gretel happy ending for these two.

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