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The Paradox That Is Me

The ebb and flow. Like the tide coming in and going out. Like the sun rising and setting.

The world I am forced to live in and the world I fantasize about.

My reality of meetings in one world is replaced by a primitive shelter in the woods in another world.

Hard conversations are replaced by the sound of birds and the breeze in the trees.

Stress and constant anxiety are replaced by solitude and reflection.

In the world I am forced to live in my mind feels like a CPU constantly processing bits of information. The constant stimulation continues from my waking moment until my mind comes to a grinding stop late in the evening.

In the world I fantasize about my thoughts are clear as my primitive instincts take over and my world seems so simple. My thoughts are most basic. Water , food , shelter from the elements . 

My only hope when I pass from this world to the next is that I find myself in a forest looking to the heavens with the sun filtering through the leaves as the breeze caresses them. 

The tide goes in and out…. the sun rises and sets…. let me find my peace.

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