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Big Bad Wolf

She had heard the stories for as long as she could remember.

“Stay out of the woods, child, especially near the full moon. Wolves roam out there. Not the usual kind, either. The kind that makes your average wolf quiver in fear and whimper like a kicked house dog.”

Even now they still warned her, despite the knowledge that she loved to wander the edge of the village. She lost count of how many times she would get scolded for climbing trees, for disappearing into the thickets and coming back with scratches on her arms and legs, barefoot and bloody but with a smile on her face.

“Someone needs to take care of those damned thorn bushes.” Her mother would grumble and complain while dragging her back home to tend to her wounds.

She would smile to herself the whole way home. “Yes, the thorn bushes.” She would agree, and shiver against the memories of his rough kisses and the way his nails caught against her skin in his hurry to devour her.

She knew very well of the wolves that roamed beyond the village. And she knew one very well in particular. She had seen him one day, long ago, stalking his prey. His grey coat was shot through with streaks of black, big hulking paws leaving silent footprints in the snow. She had watched him snap his massive jaw around a roaming rabbit, and at the gasp she had made he had turned to face her and his eyes glowed yellow as they met hers.

She remembered thinking she should be afraid as the massive creature lunged at her, but she only remembered curiosity as it tackled her to the ground. The cold snow beneath her was a heavy contrast to the hot breath he had growled onto her, and she closed her eyes against the sensation.

When she opened them again, the wolf was gone – replaced with the most beautiful boy she had ever seen.

He was beautiful. His round brown eyes stared down at her inquisitively, his full lips pursed in a curious pout. There was a scar on his cheek, she noticed, and when he spoke, she could see his dimples.

“You didn’t scream,” He stated, the winter breeze blowing his thick black hair across his eyes. “Why didn’t you scream?”

She blinked, her gaze unwavering from his despite her heart pounding achingly in her chest. “Because I wasn’t afraid.” She answered simply.

When he smiled silently, her heart calmed, the forest around them seeming to go silent as the world stilled around them.

That was two winters ago.

It was spring now, and she pulled her hood over her head as she wandered out for her usual stroll. She waved to the neighbors, shaking her head at their usual pleas for her safety.

“You won’t be invincible forever, miss,” The old cobbler tutted. “Those wolves will get you one day. I heard ‘em howling just last night.”

She giggled softly and waved him off.

Her wolf already had her.

She wasn’t sure how far into the woods she was when she heard the branches crackle behind her. Before she could turn, his warm fingers were around her wrist, spinning her around. She gasped as he pressed her backwards against the tree, snatching her hood away from her pretty face. His eyes danced with lust though his playful smile was dripping with mischief.

“How long have you been following me?” She whispered, gasping against the feeling of him pressing into her, her back scraping against the tree.

“Truthfully? Since the first day I met you,” He smirked, leaning down to brush a soft kiss against her waiting lips. “But you already knew that, didn’t you?”

“Mmm,” She murmured. “I had a feeling.”

He grinned again, placing his hands on her hips to steady himself against the deep kiss he had been craving from the beginning. She moaned softly against the familiarity of him, wrapping her arms around his neck as she lost herself in the ferocious love of her big bad wolf.

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