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Loyalty Incarnate

Both mortal and divine, the griffon’s sharpened talons tear the malice

From wicked souls; while eyeing for the glittering purity’s justice

Of an honest soul. For griffon’s despises villainy that no amount of fresh

Horse flesh can stave off. Thus, at night, the griffon sits while souls press

At the crossroads of fate, where they bear the testament’s weight of their 

Sincerity. As such, when one passes their tricky trials of truth with care,

Ancient treasures are gifted; failure and swift death to the unworthy 

Trespassers. But oceans of gold are only meager, for it is trustworthy,

For all eternity, with Apollo’s authentic approval as he has them as faithful 

Steeds while he daily delivers the sun. Therefore, Opinicus graces rightful 

Masters regardless if they are royal or not; they shall give their entirety to 

Them and all that they hold dear, especially for a true soulmate. For few 

Can catch the griffon’s gaze with only one can sway its stalwart heart. 

Hence, when the soulmate perishes, its soul will not be in another’s court.

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