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That Time I Sealed the Demon Lord Inside Myself and Now He Lives in My Head – Chapter 4

The First Month

Navigating through the cobblestone streets, I sprint through the city in a panic. I trip on a stone that is not properly seated in the ground, I pay no attention to who may have witnessed my blunder then shout to myself, “Damn, I’m going to be late for the meeting!”

Xaghck, the Demon Lord stuck in my head, poses a question, though it does not sound like he cares what the answer would be, “So, what’s this meeting about?”

I start wheezing when required to give a lengthy reply while on the move, “I don’t know, my guess is: the Commander is going to rant about the remaining demons in the world and how they are a threat to us, then he is going to question me and ask if I know their whereabouts.” Xaghck, who may as well be lazily filing his fingernails gives a bland reply, “But you don’t know where any of them are.” Still running and now breathing heavier I reply quickly, “This is all because you are sealed in my mind, Xaghck!”

The City Guard’s Barracks are now a few blocks away, excited and relieved I quickly turn the corner while staring at the distant building then slam into a child half my height. To my surprise, I am the one knocked down while the child is unfazed like a brick wall. “Ow!” I rub my head, “Damn, tough kid.”

I look up to see the wall of a child I bumped into, the child is dawning a long brown robe, the bottom is faded and tearing from dragging on the ground, the child has a hood shrouding their face, but the sides seem to be sticking out longer than any normal person’s would. The child extends their hand and pulls me to my feet with ease, as easily as removing a dead flower from its soil.

I dust myself off, “Thanks kid. Sorry I bumped into you, but I must run to a meeting now.” Just as I turn around, the child grabs my arm and yells, “Wait!” The kid removes his hood, revealing his black and red eyes, pale skin, long pointy ears, and nose-less face.

The Demon Lord Xaghck immediately recognizes the kid, “Ronnie!?” Expressionless, the strange child, whom I suspect is not even human, replies, “Hey boss.”

Like greeting an old friend, Xaghck continues, “Long time no see you little gremlin! Last time I saw you, you were tracking mud on my dinner table and devouring my birthday cake with your shit-stained hands- Wait, I thought I killed you for that!” Ronnie dusts off his past execution, “Yeah, but I’m okay now.”

What!? I am completely thrown back from the statements that I am hearing; some things aren’t adding up. Too eager to wait, I ask the Gremlin, Ronnie, “Hold on, you can hear Xaghck?”

“Yes, I am a demon after all.” Ronnie rushed past my question and quickly followed up to ask Xaghck, “Boss, some of the other demons are starting to worry, they want to know when you will be coming back. It has been over five years since you were sealed. Most of the demons have either returned to their homes or have gone rogue, there are only a few remaining demons in your army.”

“I would if I could, Ronnie. I can’t break the seal, it’s too powerful” said Xaghck.

Shocked by Xaghck’s answer, Ronnie stares at me, or more likely he stares at Xaghck, with his mouth agape and eyes wide like large strawberries. “You can’t break the seal? Really, you, of all demons? The almighty demon lord Xaghck, king of the underworld, scion of darkness, and the five hundred years in a row karaoke champion of hell, can’t break the seal!?”

Xaghck responds with a smug attitude, “You would think that a demon with all these merits could break this seal, but alas, this one is too tough. Believe me, I tried.” And this started our back and forth reminiscent of Xaghck’s attempts to escape while I suffered through the side effects.

“Within the first few seconds after being sealed, I used all my powers to try and break free. I tried amassing dark energy to flood Arthur’s mind.” I only caught a terrible cold.

“I tried a demonic hymn while reciting the sealing ritual backwards.” Which became the worst headache of my life.

“I tried summoning another demon to my side.” That was the worst case of fleas in my life.

“I tried screaming “Release me!” for a week straight.” That drove me completely mad.

“I tried breaking free for an entire month, but nothing worked.” That was the worst month of my life.

Ronnie’s eyes were swollen after hearing of all Xaghck’s failed escape attempts. He rubbed his eyes to reshape them to normal size. “Well, if you can’t manage to break out, then no one can break you out” Ronnie said with a defeated sigh, “It sucks, but I guess you must live inside that human’s head until he dies.”

I raised my hand to interject Ronnie’s statement, “We are unsure if Xaghck will be released when my time comes, or if he will die with me.” Sweat beaded down the side of my face as I pressed my fingers together and continued with a slight stutter. “The church mages rushed the ritual and now we have no idea what is going to happen.”

“That is terrible.” Ronnie said while pressing his hand to his heart. He then quickly exchanged his concern for a blank expression. “Well, good luck with that.” Ronnie turned around to leave, but I quickly grabbed his arm to trap him in place. “No, wait!” I drop to my knees and plead to Ronnie, “Please get Xaghck out of my head!” I clenched Ronnie’s cloak to pull his face closed to mine, “Have you ever had a demon stuck in your head, it’s annoying as hell!”

“Well, yeah, he is the Demon Lord. It’s going to be painful for you.” Ronnie pats my head, “I guess you two are stuck together until you die.”

Xaghck speaks up to pose a question, “Speaking of death, Ronnie, how are you alive?” Jumping with newfound joy, Ronnie begins to explain, “I’m glad you asked boss! There is this new resurrection spell that was developed by a certain succubus where- “

Xaghck cuts in, “-Not that! I don’t give a damn how you were brought back to life! I’m asking, how are you walking around in the Holy City without being hunted by Templars?”

“Simple.” Ronnie holds up opposite ends of his cloak then twirls on one foot like a top, “I wear this disguise.”

I jump in to call out the flaw in his disguise, “It’s just a robe and a hood! So, what about now!? Your hood is down, and everyone can see your face.” Without skipping a beat, Ronnie rebuttals, “I just tell people I have leprosy.”

I slap my face at how asinine Ronnie’s explanation is, then continue to point out another flaw in Ronnie’s disguise. “You’re kidding, you have long pointy ears, leprosy, doesn’t do that!” He shrugs at my notion and with a calm demeanor he says, “Humans are stupid.”

I can feel Xaghck folding his arms in conclusion. Xaghck then states, “See Arthur, this is why we almost conquered the overworld.”

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