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That Time I Sealed the Demon Lord Inside Myself and Now He Lives in My Head – Chapter 5

The Trigger Words

The commander screamed, “I’m done!” Followed by flipping a table and throwing it into the south wall. “I hate searching for these demons! The God damn Pope says there are God damn demons in this God damn city, but I can’t find any!” The commander pauses to rub his temples then rushes over to me. “You! Virgin knight!” The commander hops up on my desk and sticks his finger in my face, squishing my cheek into my eye socket. “You have the Demon Lord in your head, right? Tell me where the other demons are!”

With my free eye I can see the commander’s thick veins about to burst on his forehead as sweat trails down his temples. With my free eye I look around to the one side of the room I can still see and notice the looks of the other templar’s faces.

Some templars have their faces buried in their arms, planted on their tables, some are in a losing battle between keeping their mouths shut and laughing their asses off, the rest are waiting in anticipation to make their escape.

I shrug and give a blank, “I dunno.”

The commander’s eyes bulge out of his head and the veins on his neck are about to burst, “What do you mean, you don’t know! You have the fucking Lord of demons trapped in that thick skull of yours and you have no fucking clue where the other demons are!”

The Demon Lord Xaghck speaks directly into my thoughts, “Wow, this guy is pissed and he’s so… violent. I’m starting to see why my army fell.” The commander throws a chair over my head, it crashes into the wall behind me and shatters. “This guy might kill you if he doesn’t calm down soon.” Xaghck ponders for a minute while the commander continues to yell inaudible grunts and screams directed at no one in particular. “Try telling him his wife is going to walk in any minute now, that should get him to settle.”

My eyebrows form a question, “I didn’t know the commander’s wife was coming?”

Xaghck rebuttals, “She isn’t, I just want the commander to calm down before he kills my host, which in turn MIGHT kill me!”

I hesitantly stand up and raise my hand to speak, “Um, C-C-Commander, don’t you think you should calm down, your wife should be arriving soon?” The commander pauses mid throw and puts down the table he was holding over his head, the room trembles from the impact. The other templars are rocked into an upright position in their chairs, formal and at the ready.

The commander turns around in a flash and hoists me up by my collar. “Who told you my wife was coming to this meeting,” the commander said in a deep and steady voice. The room darkened and my hearing was started to grow softer, just before I would have passed out, the door swung open, the light returned, and my hearing was normal again. The commander turned his head to lay eyes on the intruder. Instead of a death glare, the intruder was greeted by the commander with a big bear hug that lifted her up and was proceeded by a kiss on the cheek.

“Honey, you finally arrived! And you brought our daughter Mavis!” The commander picked up the small girl with brown hair in a top knot and a red puffy dress, then bombarded her with kisses and head pats, Mavis was eagerly pushing his affection away after the first few kisses on her cheeks. The commander let out a hearty laugh as if he just finished telling his friends at the pub an epic tale, then showcased his wife and child to everyone. “Men, I want you to meet my lovely wife, Lily!”

The commander’s wife, Lily, curtsies and presents a basket of rose red apples to the room, “I brought apples for everyone!” She placed the basket of apples on a nearby table then politely sat on a chair next to her husband, lifting the back of her bright orange dress to make sure she didn’t drag or get caught on any furniture.

“And this is my wonderful daughter Mavis!”

Mavis stands like a newly chiseled statue, mouth agape and pointing straight at me with a death glare on top.

“Isn’t that the girl that beat you up a few weeks ago?” asked Xaghck as he continues with an uncontrollable laughter. “This small girl with the violent temper tantrum is the daughter of your commander! Ha! That is too damn funny!” I can feel Xaghck rolling around in my head and squeezing his stomach from the laughter.

I plant my face into my palm, “Oh, dear god, not again.” Before I could pull my head from my face, I felt a quick impact followed by an agonizing pain in my groin which made my knees buckle. I saw the assassin once I fell onto my side. Mavis, she had run up to me and kicked me in the crotch, that little gremlin.

“Give me the demon lord!” Mavis yelled into my face while kicking my arms that were still protecting my crotch.

The commander had been triggered by the utterance of “demon lord” and he went on a rampage again, chucking the remaining tables and chairs into the walls. The other templars made a run for the exit and left me to die at the feet of the commander’s five-year-old daughter. Once all the reachable chairs were broken, the commander hoisted his daughter up onto his shoulder with one arm and they both started to scream toward the ceiling.

Lily, the commander’s wife was seated on the last remaining chair, eating one of the apples she brought. She waved at me and casually motioned for me to leave. I crawled my way to safety while Mavis and the commander were still screaming into the ceiling, progressively getting louder.

Xaghck asked a rhetorical question, “Rough day buddy?”

“I hate you so much.”

Cover Art is by @Shadowthecoward on twitter

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