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King Sisyphus

One afternoon an advisor to the king and his peers walked the streets of the capitol.

While on this walk the king’s advisor pointed at the hermit sage and mocked, “Look at

this man he lives without purpose.”

The hermit sage overheard the king’s advisor and loudly replied, “What is your purpose?”

Amused the king’s advisor along with his peers approached the hermit sage.

The king’s advisor then boastfully replied, “I am an advisor to the king, I fulfill his


The hermit sage responded, “There once was a king named Sisyphus. Sisyphus ordered

each of his advisors to perform a menial and arbitrary task. One advisor was ordered to

repetitively push a boulder up and down a hill. Another advisor was tasked with flipping a coin

and tracking how many times the coin landed heads or tails. While another advisor was ordered

to chase the wind. All obliged their king’s decrees. By your standards these advisors have as

much purpose as you?”

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