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What if – Batman was a VILLAIN (The Darkest Night)

“All units in District 7; need assistance ASAP: Multiple gunshots reported, park raw-Zone 6. I repeat —”

Just a regular evening in the world’s “safest” city. Gordon thought to himself when his car radio repeated the usual set of words over again. Same misery- gunshots, murders, bank heists; the only difference was the places. He wished he could fly away to another safer city like Metropolis, like most of the people did. But he was among the few idiots who wanted to make the place a better one for others, as his girlfriend said. He actually believed, that there was hope, that someday things would change for better. What he didn’t know was that a change; for better or worse, was having its first spark with that radio message.

Whole GCPD building was busier than any-day he could remember after finally coming to the place. Everyone looked tense and the place really seemed to have taken a serious hit.

“Detective Gordon, in my office”

Gordon walked into Commissioner Leob’s office as he called from afar. The two telephones on his desk were crying restlessly.

“Gordon, did you hear about the gunshots at park raw?”

“Yes, sir I was- “

“Do you know who was killed?”

“I just got here- “

“It was the freaking Waynes, Gordon! Both of them. Was already gone when our people got there. The mayor is going nuts, the press is in our throats. You know even we were funded by them, right? No- Don’t speak. I want you in the case. You can take anything from the department and catch the bastard who did this or the mayor is gonna eat my head.”

“But, Sir- “

“GET OUT Gordon. The Wayne kid, Bruce – is in the visiting room until his butler gets here. Start by asking if he saw the guy. GO!”

Gordon had no choice but to take on the case and the commissioner was right, he thought. If the kid had seen something, it could be a lead.

The kid looked about 7 or 8 years old and he was looking down at his feet, sitting on the old couch at the visiting room as Gordon walked upon him. He didn’t bother looking up at Gordon even when he sat beside him on the couch. Gordon was struggling to find the words to speak to the little boy who had just lost his parents. But before even he tried, the boy uttered under his breath.

“Did you find him?”

“No Bruce, but everyone is trying their best. I’m sure we’ll have something soon. “

Gordon felt the boy trembling as he spoke, slowly turning his face towards Gordon. The boy was not crying, but his eyes were swollen and they were blazing like the fires from hell.

“Would you kill him for me?”


17 Years later…

The city was a total freakshow. Even if the corrupt department was halfway cleansed after Gordon becoming the commissioner, the works for the GCPD were only getting heavier. There was a war raging between gangs of the black mask & of two-face’s. Gordon was pretty shaken up when his most trusted district attorney, Harvey Dent turned out to be another criminal, a worst one. If not enough, there was a psychopath who used fear toxin on people, leaving some of the poor souls at Arkham asylum; and another psycho called Hugo Strange, terrorizing the city with his human experiments. The whole city was going rogue and the GCPD was getting helpless with this upturn of every kind of criminal in the city. There were also stories about a clown; vigilante calling himself ‘the joker’, taking out the remaining bad-cops and criminals in the city with his own ways. Gordon always believed that the law shouldn’t be altered by anyone, but with everything changing around, he wasn’t sure himself if he wished for the city to get more help apart from the police.

The most recent case Gordon had was the mystery killings of the city’s most riches and cops. A killing spree had started in the past 2 weeks, where 5 people from the city’s upper class and 7 police officers were brutally murdered. They have been abducted in the night and their bodies were found a day after with torturing marks on them. The only relation for all these killings was that scorched symbol on their chest which seemed to be like a bat. And there were rumors spreading all over the city about a vampire, alien or the worst, a demon with wings, hunting in the Gotham city. One witness for an abduction had given a statement to the press and he described ‘the demon’ as;

“This thing, it came from above with its wings stretched, it was controlling the shadows! And it moves around like a ferocious lightning bolt. In seconds, one by one, the guys in the alley were disappearing!”

Thanks to this ‘demon’, most of the Gotham citizens were terrified of staying outside after getting dark, even the police refused to take on the night shifts and even if they did, they tend to stay in their patrol cars. So, whatever that was, it was actually making Gotham a hell where criminals were on the free run in the night under the wings of this demon.

Despite all the bad things happening in Gotham, it was a good day for the city after ages. Gotham never tasted development under any mayor, not a single person wanted to make the city a better place after the Waynes died. Most of the public buildings; Hospitals, railways, city hall, even the police department was funded by the Wayne foundation.

Although the fundings were stalled after the tragic accident of the Waynes, a newest project was proposed and funded by the foundation once more. The city was now too crowded & fouled, so the Wayne industries had come up with a proposal on developing an underground train system throughout Gotham, to cover each and every part of the city. “Nobody shall be left behind” was the idea of Bruce Wayne, the billionaire orphan. After the disappearance of his parents, he has been studying in Asia and returned to Gotham 2-3 months back, as he said.

And today was the opening ceremony of Gotham’s newest subway where Gordon was given with the duty of doing a thanking speech. Of-course, the chief guest was Bruce Wayne, the man who is behind the entire project. Gordon had met Bruce before few weeks to catch up about his missing time in the city. Gordon was backing away to meet Bruce since they never caught the person who killed his parents. But when they finally met, his response surprised Gordon;

“It’s okay, Jim. We all have to go someday, yeah?”

The kid who petrified him years back was long way gone. Maybe the time away from this stinking city has brought up the best of him, Gordon thought to himself, he was glad.

The ceremony went smoothly, and it was up to Gordon to do the thanking speech and handover the switch to Bruce, to light up beneath the city. Gordon patted Bruce on the shoulder as he went up on the stage to start his speech

“…After 2 years of hard work of these people around us, and with Bruce Wayne’s support…”

Gordon noticed Bruce leaving his seat seemingly to answer a call, gesturing that he’d be back. As he was lengthening his speech until he gets back, he noticed all the police officers getting shaken up and their radios getting busier. That was when an officer reached up to the stage and whispered into Gordon’s ear with a shady voice;

“Sir, there has been an explosion, in Wayne manor. It’s completely burning down”

“Not again!” it was screaming inside Gordon’s head as he heard the news. He hurried down the stage to find Bruce. All he could hear was the distant sirens while his eyes failingly swept through the crowd to catch a glimpse of Bruce. Gordon realized that his phone was ringing for some time and he answered it, still focusing on his search. But the voice that came through froze him still with the news it had to bring.

“Commissioner… It’s Alfred, Wayne manor… I’m stuck… He broke my leg… He… has to be stopped… please… the demon… its-its master Bruce!”

He dropped the phone, frozen, images flashing through his brain, the hatred in the kid’s eyes, his disappearance, killings starting after weeks of his return. But it cannot be, he was helping the city, his fundings, this project, it could help the whole city- whole city! his mind was faster than he could keep up with. But suddenly it stopped, fixating on one heavy thought. He felt like the ground beneath him was shaking and drowning him inside. He couldn’t realize why, it was like his body was working on its own, he grabbed the controller out of his pocket that he had picked up from the podium. With shaking hands, he flipped it other side; with all the hopes and dreams burning up inside his mind, he fell on his knees, sweat running down on his face. He was staring at the bat symbol at the back of Wayne’s controller.


17 years, I have been training, making myself better, to get the revenge for my parents & to restore this world I live in. 17 years, and yet no one knows who killed my parents-why; the world is corrupt, it cannot be saved. I made it my sole purpose to cleanse this world and it starts from this rotten city, Gotham. I had to see the fear in their eyes, it makes me stronger, the killings only prepared me for this day; they were just, lab rats. I’ve made sure the tunnels run through the entire city, and each pillar I have loaded with a bomb which took me weeks. Now, the switch to turn on the tunnel lights, would ‘light up’ the whole city. This is the judgment day; the world shall suffer and may it rise from the ashes for a better one. I remember my dad and I used to climb up this hilltop away from the city, to be in peace and look over our glorious city; the same place will now show me the city turn to rubble and dust. This, shall be the darkest night the Gotham will ever have.


As he pressed the switch on his second controller, he watched the explosions start going away throughout the city, one by one; screams of countless people filling the gaps between the blasts. His cape swinging in the dusty breeze, he was watching; a creature born from the depths of darkness, a watchful assassin, the vengeance, the night; he was- the batman.

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