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Her Eyes

I can not count the ways her eyes beguile me. How brilliantly they shine from the hanging light.

So blue in color I feel as if I could drown in their depth, clear as snow yet black as night. She is a mystery to me and has gained my devotion, but she is not dearest to my heart.

There is a girl in the market whose eyes are the color of lilac and she is most precious to me.

Julia carries my world on her shoulders. I met her on a rainy Tuesday when I had stopped by the market to buy some bleach. As I looked up into her eyes I was trapped. Nothing could keep my gaze from those eyes. As she read my total in her droll southern voice I handed her my money.

Her hands looked so soft I longed to hold them. Heaven smiled upon me as her hand brushed along mine as she handed me my change. I wanted nothing more than to stand there for eternity and look into her eyes, but the line forming behind me and her farewell forced me to take my leave.

I returned the next day, but my heart crashed into my chest when another poorly groomed adolescent in desperate need of acne medication was behind the counter where she should have been.

Though slightly set back I was not swayed from being within sight of her captivating eyes.

I approached the boy when he was finished placing egg cartons underneath the gallon of milk within the older woman’s shopping bag and asked him when Julia might return.

Young and naive he told me Julia only works on Saturday and Sunday. Today was Monday, a pounding started within my head as I thought of waiting so long to see those eyes.

With desperation hidden within me, I pressed the boy for more information as he was focusing his attention on ringing up a large purchase of cat food for the obscenely obese women behind me.

With no hesitation he offered up the information that Julia only lives around the corner from the market, she is also single and lives only with her small dog. I had him describe the house and with great haste, I was on my way up the street towards her eyes.

I wanted nothing more than to surprise her, to see the look on her face when I appear.

I was not disappointed. When afraid the eyes look more dazzling than anything I have ever noticed.

So bright and so wide as if you could see the small white ball in all of its entirety.

Though seeing her eyes wide with fear did them no justice to what they look like now.

Shining in the hanging light within their jar her eyes capture me daily, but I have found another whose eyes hold my gaze with such rapture my heart may burst.

Maria’s eyes are the color of melted chocolate I’m not sure if I can wait much longer to visit her.


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