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Time Apart

With sadness, she realized they needed some time apart.

They hadn’t been doing well together for the past few months, but things were starting to get out of hand.

She wanted to trust him, but the way he would lean his phone away from her whenever he received a text had started to grow on her. She had even let hers die and then ask to borrow his to try and snoop a little.

Normally she was very trusting and could never have thought the worst of anyone, but the way he would receive calls in the middle of the night and claim an emergency for work had started to wear her resolve thin. He hadn’t let her use his phone, of course, instead, he chose to get up and retrieve her laptop from their bedroom upstairs.

She couldn’t think of any other option.

He was having an affair.

There wasn’t anything she could do about it except ask that she be allowed some space to think things through. He wasn’t angry when she asked this. He didn’t deny a thing or scream at her.

She had hoped he would admit it was all a simple mistake.

She wanted him to tell her he had a high-stakes client he couldn’t afford to lose. He was running with the wrong crowd, anything than what she had thought him to be doing. Betraying her.

In her mind she had held on to the small shred of hope that he would fall to his knees in tears and disgrace and beg her to forgive him, promise to leave the other women, and start their relationship again.

Learn to love and trust each other again.

Learn to be faithful.

He hadn’t done any of that. He simply walked from his place by the sink where she confronted him, packed his simple belongings into his bag, and walked back past her out into the dark night.

All the way to the car, he never looked back.

She had watched him from the window waiting to see his eyes reflected back at her from the side mirror, but he never had.

Her heart was broken into pieces. Although she had been the one to ask for space she hadn’t imagined it would rip everything they had into pieces.

She couldn’t bring herself to leave the kitchen, instead, she stood there until the moon had finally gone away and the sun was shining brightly into her eyes.

She tried to resume her normal life simply stating when asked about her boyfriend that they had had an argument.

Friends, family, and coworkers all tried to comfort her simply saying that he would come around. It was only a break, but he would be back on his knees in front of her soon begging her to let him inside. Possibly with a ring in his hand.

That day never came.

A few weeks later she stood leaning against the counter in the kitchen in the same place where everything ended and caught up on the late-night news. Sleep still evaded her every night, but from this day on she knew there would be nothing but peaceful rest. She wasn’t paying the tv much mind until the headline flashed across the screen with breaking news.

“I’m sorry to report that a tragic accident has occurred outside the market on Main street. John Lewis, loving husband, and father of two children was tragically killed in a hit and run only a short time ago. The driver of the vehicle had swerved from the road in what appears to be a deliberate attempt to harm the 32-year-old who had been buying flowers for his anniversary. His wife Sarah had been in the car”

Tonight she would sleep.

Tomorrow she would send the widow some flowers.

Then she would buy herself a new car.

Her’s now sat at the bottom of a lake.


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