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Find Your Own Vision To Achieve Goal

Once a Zen master had a dog. The dog loved the evening game with his master. They used to play games every evening.

The master would throw the stick and the dog would run forward to get the stick and run back and give the ball to the master and sit there and wait for the next game.

There were many students who learned from the teacher, but one student was very questioning the contradictions in Buddhist belief. So one particular evening, when the Master was out playing with his dog, he invited these students to come with him.

Master Sahib said, “You must understand that the words used to teach you are only a guide. So never let words or symbols stand in the way of truth.

“Let me show you..”, continued the Master.

The teacher called his dog and then pointed his finger at the moon and said, “Bring me the moon.”

“Tell me, where is my dog ​​looking?” The master asked his disciple who was standing next to the teacher.

“He’s looking at your finger”, the student replies.

The Master looked the students in the eyes and said, “Very well..!! Don’t be like my dog. Confuse the pointing finger with the thing being pointed at. You need to understand this.” that all Buddhist words are only guideposts and that each man fights his way through other men’s words to find his own truth.

Moral: A leader’s job is not to impose his vision on his people, but to set vision goals and let everyone find their own vision.

When we want to learn spiritually, we need to understand that in order to find the ultimate truth, we need to have our own vision to achieve it.

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