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Reflection Of One Self

In a land faraway lived a wise old man. Old man loved to watch people like merchants from other town and peasant who used to go to other towns to sell their products. So, Everyday he used to sit on bench placed just outside town to see people passing by that town.

When he used to sit there, His grandchild would come with him there and play around whole time till they go back home.

One day, a traveler approached him and started chatting with him.

Traveler asked, “Old man you have lived in this town, what kind of people of this town are like?”

Old man questioned him, “Where are you from?? What are people like over there in your town??”

Traveler replied, “I am from town from behind the mountains. People there are not very interesting. I found them very cold, mean and withdrawn.”

Old man with sad look replied, “Even people here are mean and not friendly or helpful.”

After this reply the traveler left and continued his journey.

A little later on the same day, the old man saw another traveler approaching him. They both chatted for a while until the traveler asked the same question to the old man.

The traveler asked, “How are the residents?”

The old man asked him, where are you from? How are the people in your town?”

The traveler replied, I have come from the city behind the mountains. The people there are very generous, kind and friendly.”

“Well, here too you will find people generous, friendly and warm.” The old man replied.

After a while that passenger also left. Her grandson who was playing with her was watching all this.

So the child came to his grandfather and said, “Grandfather, you are lying. It is not good. You taught me not to lie and yet you told him different things about our town.”

The old man took his grandson in his lap and said, “I did not say anything during these exchanges.” He himself said how things are going. What I did was reflect and reflect their own thoughts and their own way of life.

Moral: The way we judge or think about others is only a reflection of our own thinking and behavior

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