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Shark In The Tank – Never Give Up

For research, some marine biologists began to conduct an experiment. For this, they put a shark in a large tank and then release several small fish in the same tank.

As soon as the shark and the fish were released into the tank, after some time the shark swam around and attacked and ate all the small fish.

Now, the next time the biologist put a strong piece of clear fiberglass in the middle of the tank, separating one partition for the smaller fish and another just for the sharks.

Now again as soon as the shark and the fish were left, the shark started attacking but this time the shark hit the fiberglass in the tank. However, the shark repeated this behavior again and again. Meanwhile, all the small fish floated around unharmed behind the fiberglass. Finally after a few hours the shark gave up and stopped attacking.

The same experiment was repeated for several days. Biologists noticed a change in the shark’s behavior. Now the shark was less aggressive and tried less to attack smaller fish. Over time the shark got tired and stopped attacking.

The biologists then removed the fiberglass from the tank, but even after removing the glass, the shark did not attack because the shark had not been trained to believe that there was a barrier between it and the small fish. After that, the small fishes began to swim unharmed in the same tank with the sharks.

Moral: After facing repeated setbacks and failures most of us give up emotionally and stop trying. We start to believe that because we have failed in the past, we will fail every time but this is just an obstacle in our head. So we should keep working without fear of failure.

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