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Value of Painting or Hard Work

It is a story of hard work and it is the value of Picasso, a famous painter born in Spain.

One day when Picasso was passing through a street, a woman passing by the same street saw Picasso. She recognized him and ran to him.

She said to him, “I am a big fan of yours. I love your paintings.. Please will you paint me too..?”

Picasso smiled at the request and said, “I have nothing to paint. I am empty handed here. I’ll make you a painting some other time..”

The women replied, “I don’t know if I will be able to see you again.. Please make a painting of me now..”

At the women’s insistence, Picasso took out a small piece of paper and a pen from his pocket and began to draw something on this paper.

Within 10 seconds, Picasso finished the drawing, handed the paper to the women, and said, “Here’s a million dollar painting.”

The women find it strange how he can make a complete drawing in 10 seconds and is saying it will be worth a million dollars.

The women thanked him and took the painting with them. After he got home, he thought Picasso might be joking about the value of the drawing he had made for him.

So, she went to the market to find out the exact price of the painting. She was shocked to learn that the drawing was actually worth a million dollars.

After that, the women got a chance to meet Picasso again. She was very excited to see him. She went to him and said, “Sir, you are right that the drawing you made was worth a million dollars.”

He continued, “Sir, please make me your student. Please teach me to paint so that I can paint like you have done a million dollar painting in such a short time.”

Picasso smiled and said, “Darling, this drawing I made in 10 seconds is worth a million dollars. This is worth the 30 years of my life that I have given to hard work, struggle and dedication to learning the arts..!!

If you want to do it, put your life into it and you will be able to make a painting like this.”

Women were speechless.

Moral: When we see others successful, we think that they have done it easily.. What we don’t realize is the hard work and time behind that success.

No one sees that hard work and patience. Everyone sees only success but they don’t see that in order to achieve that success one has to sacrifice life. Success requires experience and struggle.

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