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Hand of Death chapter 3

Tayler breathed as she stood in front of the throne. She waited for Osiris to finish speaking with Wendy, taking her gloves off. Everything would be fine, she tried to convince herself, feeling her father’s eyes land on her.

“Tayler,” Osiris started, walking towards her. “Are you alright?”

“Yes,” she answered. “I was just upset. . .you should have told me sooner that I was supposed to sacrifice myself.” She said, pulling away as Osiris tried to hug her.

“Princess,” Osiris started. “I didn’t want to stress you out. You have graduation and school to worry about.”

“And my coronation,”

“Will be handled,” Osiris interrupted, putting a hand on Tayler’s shoulder. “You only need to worry about school.”

Tayler frowned, watching the Council filter out of the room. If everything was going to be handled for her, then what was she supposed to do with all that time? Tayler bit her bottom lip, asking, “Then what am I supposed to do?”

“Go to meetings, come with me on soul retrieval duty, which starts now.”


With that Osiris pulled the hood of his cloak up, his white and black scythe appearing in his hand as he opened a portal. “Now,” he answered, voice becoming thousands.

Tayler stepped through the portal and was hit with the smell of rank, old paper. She looked around to find herself in a neat study. Neat, except for the blood pooling on the floor. She covered her mouth to resist the urge to gag, she heard sniffling a few seconds later.

“Oh God, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.” A woman said, holding a gun in her trembling hands. Tears streaked down the woman’s face as she dropped the weapon, kneeling beside the dead man at her feet. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” she blubbered, light spilling into the study as the door opened.

“Tayler,” Osiris said, pointing to the body on the floor. She looked, swallowing as a wide-eyed, middle-aged man looked back at her.

“Am I. . .dead?” he asked, face contorting as he grit his teeth. “She killed me, that–”

“Be calm,” Osiris ordered, striking his scythe against the floor. “To answer your question, yes, you are dead.”

The man walked forward, grabbing at Osiris’ robes. “Can’t you bring me back?” he asked, white skin turning red as frustration took hold of him. “I was killed, don’t I get a second chance?” he continued, watching Osiris take out a small metal disc.

“For the life you led? No.” Osiris asked, images flickering in front of the man’s face. His life. From birth to his untimely death. Tayler watched Jason’s life, a frown on her lips as she looked back out at the study. He was a pencil pusher by all means aside from his current relationship with the woman that killed him and her daughter.

Tayler tried to reign herself in, eyes turning gold as thorns wrapped around her arms. Jason kept this woman’s finances under lock and key, using it to rack up debt after debt. It would take her years to heal from the emotional toll of not just his death, but his financial abuse as well.

She looked at the now dead man as he pleaded with her father. To give him one more chance, that he would do better this time. “There are no second chances,” she said.

Even if Osiris could give him another chance, Tayler doubted he would turn his life around. People like Jason always said they would change, but they never did. It was the same with her cousin’s ex-boyfriend, and Tayler didn’t have the heart to entertain abusers.

The woman continued sobbing as police and paramedics entered the study, speaking with her and loading Jason’s body onto a gurney. She looked at Jason, watching him storm over to her only to be pulled back by Osiris.

“Come,” Osiris said, turning the other man’s attention towards him. “We’ll decide where your soul will rest.”

Jason frowned, turning his back to Tayler as Osiris opened a portal to Tene. Right, he still had to be judged by the scale.

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