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Shadow Cat

The shadow cat watched from its vantage point as Skylar whipped her head around, her ponytail slicked from all the sweat. To her horror, there was no sign of the beautiful black cat that had been lying in a pool of it’s own blood disheveled and beaten up from trying to protect the girl, who had take care of it for months.

Whereas earlier there had been a viscous crimson pool, now all that was present was the wet alleyway. The cat watched as the young girl, looked down at her pale arms, which was still covered in cuts and dull bruises from earlier. So she had definitely not imagined the attack at least. Her friends helped her back home and after ensuring they had all left she settled down to finish her dinner before clearing up for the night. Sleep did not come easy for Skylar as she vividly remembered the events of the night. She hugged her pillow and cried softly into it. From overexertion, she finally collapsed and slept, though not peacefully. From the shadows, a black silhouette observed her. It manifested itself into the black cat and padded over lightly to her.

It caressed her pale skin and watched as her breathing became more regular. Once it was sure she was peaceful, it became a whirl of black shadows drifting silently across the night sky. It was a cat on a mission, and it knew it had to have it’s revenge before daybreak. It remembered vaguely how it had manifested itself the first time around. The little girl had been passing by and had sat down cold from hunger and fear. There had been a heavy downpour and she had been unable to find her way back. Such was her situation that she had not noticed the inky black creature near her. Her feelings had caused something to stir within the creature and had breathed in much necessary life to it. The inky creature had taken on the appearance of a small cat with liquid gold eyes filled with sporadic green flecks.

It had jumped on to her and nuzzled her expecting her to be frightened but instead the girl had picked it up and cried softly. Once it cleared, she left it there, but every day, she would stop by to either pet it or feed it. This had continued for almost a year and Skylar decided to adopt it. Her parents although not keen on the idea of a pet, relented when they saw how adamant their daughter was. That was unfortunately never going to happen. Unknown to Skylar when she had left her house, prying eyes from the shadows had been observing her every move tailing her slowly waiting for the right opportunity.

The cat had been sleeping peacefully awaiting Skylar’s routine arrival when the miscreants had made their presence felt. She had no inkling of what was to come and had come forward to pick up the cat. At the last minute, the cat sensed them and leapt straight past Skylar as they reached out to grabbed her. Although the cat had frightened them, they regained their composure and immediately struck it with a pen knife that one of the older boys had on his person. A splattering of blood followed by a sobbing scream from Skylar sent them all scattering away. As they left the cat already had a seed of a plan forming in it’s head about how to exact revenge upon those who had wronged the one who protected it. For it’s plan to succeed, while Skylar was crying the creature made a decision to simply vanish away from her line of vision, till she had calmed down and left.

It padded off quietly but swiftly, no longer bound by it’s cat form. Since it had been able to memorize their scents from earlier, it stood still to see what it could pick up from all the scents around it. Once it narrowed down where it was going, it waited till the first boy was asleep. Noiselessly it crept in through an open window and to where he was sleeping. Moonlight shone through the window casting a faint silhouette of the boy’s shadow.

It morphed it’s tail into a scythe and with a quick slash, deftly severed the shadow from the boy. The shadow cast a glance at it’s owner before disintegrating into wisps through the window. Sensing something amiss, his eyes shot open much to the cat’s chagrin. From the shadows it watched with pleasure, as the boy struggled to form words and move, his body immobile due to his shadow, no longer being attached to him. He was slowly starting to shrivel up and although aware of his surroundings, the lack of shadow prevented him from calling out for help. As his physical body shriveled up, his appearance became haunted with the light slowly leaving his eyes. Satisfied with its accomplishment, it moved out the same way, it had entered.

The next day, various news outlets were flooded with headlines about how a couple of boys living in the same vicinity within a five-kilometer radius of each other had all been found shriveled up. No one could however provide a plausible explanation for what transpired the previous night .

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  1. Hello, Charlotte!
    I certainly enjoyed this tale. I liked the concept of the shadow cat taking its revenge upon the sadistic boys and the story is well written with some lovely description.

    Suggestions for improvement are to clarify the role of the boys as the tormentors early in the story, because it wasn’t clear to me how they were involved until it was mentioned at the end of the story. Also, think about using more paragraphs to allow the story to flow better. Stay away from big blocks of text.
    Otherwise, a wonderful and intriguing tale!


    1. Thank you very much for the feedback. I do struggle a lot with paragraph spacing and normally I try to condense into 100 words each but midway it just get’s forgotten I think.I will definitely be more careful in future though.

  2. Hi! Just made the account.

    Loved the idea behind a being disguised as a cat who can eat shadows, the only thing I’d hack at here would be how hard was to follow the idea. Sometimes I had a hard time understanding who we were talking about, if Skylar or the cat.

    All in all, I enjoyed the read!

    1. Thank you very much.I realized that I have a habit of switching between the point of views of characters unconsciously. I honestly edited this twice but I accept it can still have mistakes so for future stories, I will keep it in mind.

    1. So here’s the thing. The original plot was quite different but as I was writing it, I randomly thought what if the cat was a manifestation of shadows? What if it consumed shadows to exact revenge or survive?