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Mikota The Knight

Mikota Zimet flinched as soon as she felt the heated gaze upon her. She had chosen, on purpose, the most isolated training ground so as to prevent this from happening. Some knights might not be disturbed by people watching them, but it was just how this particular person watched her that unnerved her. It didn’t help that this was the future King of the country she resided in. That made it almost useless to resist.

It had been hard enough becoming the first female knight in history. The constant harassment from certain coworkers were bad enough but having caught the eye of someone like that was simply the icing on the cake. It was something she didn’t need in her life.

She took a deep breath through her nose and decided to try to focus solely on the practice dummy before her. The only sound that was heard was the wooden dummy sword hitting straw and her grunts. It was a rhythmic sound almost a pattern. She was trying to focus her entire being on this task so as to block the world out.

Soon she felt another presence. This one more of a welcome distraction. Pausing her strikes, she turned to the bench located on one side of the training grounds and a large smile spread across her face. While a large affectionate smile split her face, she approached her true employer.

A little back story on this is simple. The only reason why females were permitted to attempt knight training was because the only Princess of this country claimed to be uncomfortable with male knights constantly surrounding her. She all but forced her father to change the rules in order for her preference to be met. Mikota became her closest knight and the one in charge of her safety.

Dian Questar, the princess in question, had a poker face that nobody could easily crack. She barely showed any expression as she watched her knight approach. Her long golden brown hair had been intricately braided and a parasol was clutched in one hand preventing the sun from hitting her. Crystal blue eyes blinked once before her head turned towards her brother. He resembled her a lot except height and friendly smile.

“I see you’re harassing my only knight again.” Dian had a clear light voice. Mikota would describe it like an angel ringing a bell but some would say that Mikota also had rose colored glasses and hearing.

“I take offense to that remark dear sister. I am simply admiring the beauty of the first female knight we have. Am I not allowed to attempt to get close to her?” Dane feigned a look of hurt, trying to look as pitiful as he could. It only earned an eye roll from Dian.

Mikota could never understand someone like Dane. Mikota had cut her hair short, for the sole purpose of it not being a hindrance during fighting, and her skin had become tanned from training in the hot sun. her dull brown hair was dusty and sweaty. She was sure she didn’t smell very well either. Her stormy gray eyes narrowed as she looked at Dane in suspicion.

“Everyone in the castle knows what sort of interest you hold for her. Gossip claims that you’ve grown so tired of the noble ladies that you wish to try your hand at taming a wild one.” Dian raised a brow, unmoved by her sibling’s words. “I have asked you countless times to leave her alone but here we are again.”

“I can’t contain my passion for this wild beauty. Just looking at her makes me want to pin her under me while showing her where her place truly is.” Dane licked his lips as he began thinking of it. “I’m sure deep inside she’s just waiting for the right man to tame her.”

Mikota almost gagged violently at that. She was in no way trying to find someone to “tame” her. She had always been interested in knights. She had read countless stories where the brave knight saved the princess heroically while fending off some wild monster. That was the only thing she had in common with her female peers. Her interest differed as while other ladies wished to be the princess and Mikota wished to be the knight.

She did not become a knight to be sexually harassed everyday though.

“Does my Princess have need of me?” Mikota quickly took this opportunity to change the subject and hopefully get out of the situation completely.

“Of course I do. Get ready to go out.” Dian stated her need simply before turning and walking away. She expected for Mikota to follow.

Mikota didn’t even give Dane a farewell before rushing to follow. Relief eased her tense body more and more as the distance between her and the Prince grew. She put on her professional face and kept pace as soon as she caught up with Dian. The two quickly discussed a plan of action for the upcoming shopping trip. Mikota actually enjoyed shopping. It allowed her to see Dian in many beautiful outfits and was the only time she could let a small bit of her feelings through.

Dian enjoyed shopping because she was allowed to buy a small gift for Mikota that would have to be accepted. Mikota usually tried to discourage Dian from buying her anything. Dian liked making sure her employees knew how grateful she was though.

Mikota has an area in her room where she stores the trinkets carefully and always makes sure they are safe and free of dust.

“There is a ball I am required to go to soon so I will need a new dress for the occasion.” Dian explained as both of them entered the large bathroom. It held a massive bathing pool big enough that the entire female staff could soak comfortably together. The two of them often bathed at the same time so that Mikota could be at least somewhat ready if an attack occurs during Dian’s most vulnerable time.

The street was busy with afternoon foot traffic that made riding a carriage slower than usual. Dian’s left eye twitched slightly to show her annoyance. She almost wished they had simply walked from a certain point. What had stopped her was how well known as a princess she was. While she might appear expressionless and angry most of the time, she had a gentle soul that used a lot of her personal funds to try to make commoner life better. Most of the common populace held her dear to their hearts.

Mikota was simply trying to keep her eyes open due to boredom. Riding in a carriage usually meant keeping still for a while. Mikota was not very good at keeping still. She always felt a need to be doing something with her body. Training every day during Dian’s classes helped with that. The first few days as Dian’s personal knight she was to stand still and guard as Dian took her morning classes. This proved to be a distraction to not only Dian, but also the poor teacher that had to deal with Mikota fidgeting.

A sudden bump in the road caused Mikota to come to attention as her head spectacularly met the roof.

It was a minute after that when the carriage stopped in front of a large boutique. It was meticulously painted in soft pastels. Despite being outside the exterior looked clean as if a speck of dirt wouldn’t dare attach itself to it. Mikota exited first and held her hand out to escort Dian out of the carriage. It was a simple task, but one done with the same sincerity as slicing the throat of a would be assassin.

“I already have a style in mind so this should be relatively easy. If we finish soon enough I would like to visit the nearest cafe so we can have some tea with an afternoon snack.” Dian approached the boutique with a plan in mind and waited for Mikota to open the door.

“I can always trust you to think even the smallest plan through in detail before putting it in motion.” Mikota grinned and showered Dian with praise. If one were to look closely, they would see a tiny blush spread across Dian’s cheeks and a satisfied glint in her eyes. “I hope you picked a baby blue dress. It always goes well with your eyes.”

Dian had just that in mind. She had always heard people recommending that color to her and it seemed to suddenly be her own color. Many noble ladies shied away from it in fear of wearing the same color as her. She would not have cared if they had though.

“I was thinking of ordering flat shoes though. The heels I always wear never fail to cause foot pain.” Dian strode towards a dress that had instantly caught her eye while she talked.

The dress in question was a simple light blue. The waist had silver flowers embroidered down the front and on the hem of the sleeves while the skirt had the same flowers embroidered into the bottom hem. It was grand in its simplicity and seemed easy to move in. The fabric seemed of high quality and the embroidery was neat and showed no flaws. A matching hat was placed on a shelf next to the dress along with gloves and heeled shoes.

“I would agree on the shoe issue.” Mikota nodded as she eyed the heels. While beautiful to look at, she could never understand how someone was able to walk in them. She would gaze in admiration as noble ladies made it seem like a breeze. Their faces showing no sign of discomfort from wearing them. “These shoes would truly match the dress well. I wonder if they could make a pair without the heels though.”

“Doesn’t hurt to ask.” Dian motioned for a worker to approach. The young lady closest to them put on a business smile and quickly made her way over.

Any person who has worked in retail where you are tasked with selling things would surely know what was going through this person’s head. The hope of actually making a sale, she fear of receiving a customer that treats them badly, and the worry that their customer service would not be good enough.

Dian was someone who did not care about that sort of thing. She had already decided on the dress and bringing the worker over was simply to take care of the rest. The boutique had her measurements on file so there would be no need for that at this visit. She had been maintaining her figure by making sure she limits the amount of food she takes in. she was also trying to make sure the food she eats was nutritious instead of something she eats just for taste.

Everything would have gone as planned had it not been for one lady entering.

This particular lady was the daughter of Duke Importan, Wanda Importan, and was the official fiance of Dane. Since everyone knew of Dane’s interest in Mikota, as well as his other cheating, Wanda had taken it upon herself to try to make their lives miserable. She had been out shopping herself when she spotted Dian and Mikota entering the boutique. A nasty smirk appeared on her face before she walked in and assessed the situation.

“What a pleasant day meeting our Princess and the first female knight. I assume you are picking out your gown for the next ball?” Wanda turned her expression from taunting to a fake pleasant smile. Wanda took a look at the dress Dian had picked and snorted. “You chose quite a simple dress for the occasion. Are you sure it won’t make you look like a country noble visiting the capital for the first time?”

“I decided to go with comfort instead of style this time. I don’t expect you to understand as you favor the bold styles, but I simply wish to be able to last the entire ball without needing to wish for my feet to be cut off and to be able to sit down comfortably without the crinoline under. I can never figure out how to sit with them.” Dian grimaced as past memories of trying came to her head. Many people have explained how to her, but some part of her body simply doesn’t get it.

“How quaint.” Wanda muttered and resisted the urge to roll her eyes. She then turned to Mikota. “Will we get the pleasure of seeing Ms. Mikota in a dress this ball?”

“I shall be wearing my uniform as I have every other ball I have attended.” Mikota stated simply. Knights who escorted any lady of high society were required to wear a uniform. It included their weapon of choice so that they could easily defend against and attack. Wanda clicked her tongue. She was waiting for the opportunity to mock Mikota while she wore a dress. The assumption was that any dress would look terrible on Mikota because she had muscles and tan skin. What Wanda, and most of the members of that group, didn’t know was that while muscular Mikota still maintained a certain feminine charm. Even the manly uniform looked good on her. Mikota usually bound her chest as her large bust would bounce all over during training. Even bound one could tell that she had ample bosom to deal with. She had a very feminine curvy figure despite the harsh training she enjoys.

“I believe if Dame Mikota wore a dress it wouldn’t go as you expect.” Dian snickered. She had purchased a dress for Mikota on a whim one day and forced her to wear it on her birthday. Mikota had stated that anything Dian commanded on her birthday would be fulfilled. Dian quickly drew a portrait of Mikota in the dress and carried it around for whenever someone mocked Mikota by saying she was trying to be a man.

Mikota was not trying to be a man. She was, in fact, simply following her interests. There is a difference between wanting to become the opposite gender and having the same hobbies stereotyped to belong to the opposite gender. Mikota loved swords, fighting, lace, and fine tea sets.

As soon as Wanda’s gaze came upon the small version of Mikota in a dress her eyes widened. Even with short hair deemed ugly by a society that prided women with long luxurious locks, Mikota presented a feminine wild beauty like no other.

“You told me you stopped carrying that around.” Mikota’s face went completely red as soon as she noticed what Dian had produced from her pocket. Mikota wanted to hide in a hole. Everyone had the same reaction as soon as they saw it. Like somehow she was a different species by wearing a dress. “I still wear a corset just like every other lady. I just know how to kill people better.” She muttered under her breath and began to pout.

Wanda was left in a daze as Dian and Mikota left the boutique when their business was over with. A tiny smirk of satisfaction danced on Dian’s lips. “I don’t get to see you in a dress ever so I take it with me to remind myself.” Dian made the excuse as they walked next door where a lively cafe was.

It was a cafe geared towards young ladies of nobility and many were giggling at tables with escort knights awkwardly standing behind them. Mikota was the only knight sitting at the same table as the lady she was guarding. The table had a white table cloth covering it and a arrangement of condiments such as sugar and jams were present. Dian ordered some tea with small snacks for the both of them. Mikota was eagerly waiting to see what kind of tea set they would get this time.

The cafe was known for intricately designed tea sets and you never seemed to get the same set twice in a row. The plates included for the snacks usually matched as well. Mikota had asked where they received their tea sets from, but was disappointed when she was told it was a secret. Many people theorized that the shop makes the sets themselves.

The first time Dian and Mikota had taken tea at this cafe, it became completely silent as soon as they entered. Nobody had expected a member of royalty let a lone a knight to come for tea. Most assumed that Mikota would act just like any other knight who deemed drinking tea at that cafe to be too girly. It was as if somehow an imaginary man card would be take away if they drank tea from a small dainty cup and ate tiny cucumber sandwiches from a matching plate.

That isn’t to say that men never attended tea there. Some went on their own, others went with a date, and some fathers would take their daughters there and had grand tea parties simply to spend time with their precious child.

Mikota finally got her tea and wasted no time in dumping a lot of sugar and milk into it. She was not very good with bitter things and her sweet tooth was rather large. Dian, on the other hand, had her tea as is and saved her sweet tooth for the lovely strawberry tarts that she had ordered. A soft smile spread across her face as she watched Mikota enjoy her tea.

A few weeks after the boutique trip, Mikota was dropped with a bomb shell. It had started as a normal day. She woke up early, stretched her body, ran a few miles, and began swinging her sword while imagining an opponent. She perked her ears as soon as she heard the gravel crunching under someone’s foot. She already knew who it was without having to look. Only one person gazed at her with so much lust she could feel it touching her body. She shuddered and turned to face Dane.

He was smirking at her as he held a rather large box in his arms. She recognized that box as one from the same boutique she had gone to with Dian. A cold dread crept through her body. She went into denial as the only explanation entered her brain. She didn’t want to even think about it. As he approached, she began to shake her head trying to clearly tell him she had no interest.

“I would love to have the honor of escorting you to the next ball.” He stated like she had been the one to ask him. “I’m sure if we both ask father, he will agree to allow you to wear this and accompany me instead of my sister.”

“No, please, no thank you.” Mikota’s brain tried to shut down as she tried to back away from him. Dane kept coming closer and soon Mikota hit the wall. Dane shifted the dress box to rest under one arm and used the other to try to pin Mikota to the wall. His goal was to loom over her, but she was almost the same height as he was and that didn’t work.

“You don’t need to deny it. I can see it in your eyes that you want me just as much as I want you.” He whispered seductively into her ear. The warm moist breath caused Mikota to gag. She hated the feel of him being this close to her. She was sure that under different circumstances they might have at least politely got along, but he crossed a line that he could not uncross.

Mikota panicked and her fight or flight turned into flight. She ducked away and sprinted towards the castle she could clearly see not far away. She only vaguely recalled the way to the King’s office, but there was no time to think about that. She simply ran until suddenly she almost knocked into the King’s aid. He looked startled at her expression and urgently tried to calm her down.

“Please tell me I can have an audience with the King.” She finally managed to say that after she had regained some of her senses back. “I have urgent business with him and I have no idea how long I have until he finds me again.”

A look of realization passed across Cyrille Polaan’s face. “That dress wasn’t for Ms. Importan was it.” It was a statement instead of a question. Mikota nodded in response. “I know a lot of people would tell you that if you just gave him what he wants, he’ll eventually get sick of you and leave you alone but you shouldn’t have to do that. He should just understand your disinterest and leave you alone.” With that, Cyrille led Mikota to a luxurious office. He didn’t even knock and simply opened the door while leading Mikota inside.

“What did my idiot son do this time?” It only took one glance before the King set down his quill and massaged his temples while feeling a headache coming. He then groaned as he recalled some recent events. “I hoped that dress was for his betrothed.”

“He just asked me to go to the next ball with him.” Mikota didn’t waste any time. “I absolutely do not want that. I would rather have my head chopped off for insulting royalty.”

“Wonderful! You wanted to go with me that much that you rushed to find father for permission?” Dane had not heard Mikota’s statement to the King and assumed whatever he wanted when he arrived at his father’s office. Dane was not very good at reading the mood. He could not tell that everyone wanted to strangle him. “This saves me time in explaining. What do you say father? We don’t have a shortage of knights that could escort my baby sis around.”

“I have no idea where you get this idea that you don’t need to listen to other people’s opinions from. Neither I, nor your mother, have ever taught you that. You need to leave this poor girl alone. She doesn’t want your advances.” Quinn Questar gave his son a look as if he was looking at something he simply could not figure out. “Consent is an amazing thing and this one has not given her consent. I’m not sure what type of man could catch her eye, but you apparently are not him.”

“Allow me to correct one thing.” Mikota pushed in with an awkward look on her face. “No man could. I’m not interested in men. I’m not really interested in being romantically involved with anyone.”

“Nobody? You’ve never felt that flutter in your stomach when someone passed by along with a feeling of wanting to get close to them intimately?” Quinn was startled. He had never come across anyone like that before.

“I haven’t ever felt anything like that. Sure, I love the Princess and would give my life for her. Do I wish to touch her in that way? I don’t see the need to. Would I if she wanted it? I would probably.” Mikota shrugged. Quinn began to marvel at that. He would have never thought about living a life like that. Did it bother him? No, because it had nothing to do with him how she felt about such things. He was simply curious.

“You mean to tell me, I don’t turn you on at all?” Dane had a skeptical look on his face. He was under the belief that anyone attracted to men would be turned on by him.

“Absolutely not.” Mikota stated firmly. “I have honestly made it abundantly clear that I do not appreciate your advances. You not only have a fiance, but also have been under so many skirts I don’t even want to try counting. I don’t know what you’re looking for, but I can assure you that you won’t find it with me.”

Dane had to sit down as it finally sunk and shock replaced his confident attitude. He started muttering about how impossible it was and how surely she was just denying her feelings. Quinn rolled his eyes and pushed a glass of water towards his son. Dane drank it in a couple of gulps before he began to giggle madly and left the office. He didn’t bother taking the dress box with him.

“I must apologize for my son’s outrageous behavior. Don’t worry, just escort Dian as you had planned on doing. You can take this box and do what you will with it. I’ll talk to my son and maybe I can get to the bottom of what’s really going on with my son.” Quinn sighed and escorted Mikota out of his office. He decided to speak with his son and set everything right.

That afternoon, Mikota received a letter of apology from Dane. It didn’t say why he did what he did, wouldn’t have made a difference if he did, and said that as an apology she could keep the dress and he wouldn’t mention anything about her even if she wore it. He also said that he got permission for her to wear something other then the uniform. He did that by obtaining permission for all knights escorting ladies to wear their civilian clothing. Mikota actually giggled at that. It did only make sense to give permission to all instead of simply one person to be fair. She then got curious as to what sort of dress he procured for her. She had an assumption that it would be something revealing and risque.

She was pleasantly surprised when she pulled an elegant waist was cut short in the front with long tails in the back that would fall almost to where a skirt would end. The trousers included had a certain feminine charm added to them. The color was gray with blue embroidery that made her smile. It suited her taste far too much and she was torn between being happy and mad that he would know that. She knew it would fit since the boutique would have her measurements in order to produce her knight’s uniform.

She put it on and admired herself in the mirror. She looked good in it and a small laugh escaped her lips. She marveled at the thought that Dane would have been perfectly fine dancing with someone wearing this. It came with a pair of low heels that almost looked like they were made out of silver. She put them on and was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they were. In her excitement she rushed to where Dian was in order to show off the outfit.

“My, I didn’t expect my brother to have good taste in clothing at all. This suits you far more than any dress does.” Dian hated to admit anything good about her brother these days. “I don’t have any issue with you wearing this to the ball. It looks elegant as well as easy to fight in.”

Mikota agreed and rushed to place the outfit in a nice place in order for it to not get dirty til the ball would be held. She only had to wait a few days for that to arrive. It would be the first ball she attended without her uniform. Coming from a common background, she would have never had a chance to attend something like that if she had not become a knight. Her family had been poor farmers who barely scraped enough money to send her to learn to read, write, and do basic arithmetic. Those skills still came in handy when she started training as a knight. Some of her classmates hadn’t learned even that.

The actual night of the ball was busy as maids rushed about to get Dian ready. Much attention would be paid to her skin, hair, and nails. Everyone wanted her to be the most beautiful lady to attend and took pride in the work they did to make it so. The dress, which was simple in many’s eyes, took on a different elegance as soon as it was worn by Dian. She seemed to glow more as she moved about in comfort. A light chuckle escaped Mikota as she watched Dian twirl about to admire herself at all angles. Dian began laughing too.

“We match quite well don’t we.” Dian mentioned. Their outfits did match quite well. It seemed like maybe Dane was planning on wearing similar colors.

“If Dane comes with matching colors it’ll be some weird threesome.” Mikota grimaced.

“Don’t bother worrying about that. Everyone knows who you are a knight for. They won’t make the mistake of commenting to someone who can slit their throat.” Dian rolled her eyes. She also assumed that as soon as he was rejected, Dane would have matched colors with Wanda in order to escort her. It was something that he should have been doing to begin with, but it would be difficult to control someone like a prince.

The ball itself was an elegant affair. It was something put together for the higher ranking noble families so they could try to make matches for their of age children. Dian was sent to see if any of the noble gentleman caught her eye. She didn’t have any true hope, but wasn’t going to refuse. She figured that at least trying would be the only right thing to do no matter how much she didn’t like it.

A table of finger foods caught both Dian and Mikota’s attention as soon as they entered. It was deserted as most ladies wouldn’t want to eat something in front of possible loves, and men wanted to stick with the ladies. Mikota shared a look with Dian and both of them made a rush to it. To the two, the best part of any sort of party was the food. They figured they might as well eat to their hearts content, dance a lot, and then eat more.

“This is a pleasure to meet such a lady tonight.” They hadn’t seen the only person at the table. It was the elder brother of Wanda. He had always had his eye on Dian and had decided to take this opportunity to try to set up a good impression of her. He had gotten intel from his sister that Dian mostly buzzed around the food, and waited there. Being able to freely eat while waiting was the added bonus.

“Good evening to you as well Rayyan.” Dian replied in a polite tone. “Have you also realized the beauty of standing by the food table?”

“If it allows me to meet someone as wonderful as you, then yes.” He smiled gently and plucked a small sausage on a stick from a tray. He then ate it with a satisfied smile.

“Those are also my favorite.” Dian commented as she also took one. They had a sweet and spicy sauce they had been coated in that blended with the savory meat. It was enough to send one to heaven.

During the exchange, Mikota grabbed and empty tray, loaded it with food, and stood watching. He might not be interested in having a relationship, but she truly enjoyed watching them form. There was just something magical about watching two people form a bond that they will not form with anyone else. She had always liked Rayyan too. He was the only one who hadn’t made fun of her for wanting to become a knight when she was appointed as Dian’s. Whether it was because he wanted to appear good to Dian or not, Mikota didn’t care. The fact that he didn’t insult her gave him bonus points. He also would try to get Wanda to stop harassing Dian. He didn’t take Dian’s side, as Wanda was still his sister, he simply tried to guide her in a better direction. One of them being choosing a better spousal candidate.

Mikota watched with sparkling eyes as Dian was gracefully led to the dance floor. It was a gently waltz and it showcased the talent that both parties had been forced to cultivate from childhood. Neither actually enjoyed dancing, but both deemed it a necessary evil. A few brave men did ask Mikota for a dance, which she obliged to be polite, and the evening passed in a pleasant way.

Mikota ate more food than she thought she could at the beginning, Dian had an enjoyable time dancing with Rayyan, and Dane refrained from bothering Mikota. He matched a violet themed outfit with Wanda and danced with everyone except Wanda and Mikota. Wanda stood off to one side in a gloomy manner and only brightened when Dane would walk in her general direction. That was only to be crushed when he either walked past her, or stopped short to speak with someone else. Dian made a mental note to speak with her father about setting Wanda free from that torture.

Mikota was pleased to note that the knights that would have normally been matching outfits with her had seemed to gladly take that opportunity to wear their own styles. It made the ball that much better. Having people attend wearing something that obviously made them look ready for a fight tended to put a damper on any party. Their swords were more ornate. They had special sheaths made to match their clothing and wore it proudly. Mikota marveled at that and vowed to do something with her sword next time.

As soon as Dian and Mikota came home from the ball, they rushed to her room and got into pajamas. It was a tradition for the two of them to hold a sleepover after any sort of event. It had started after Mikota’s first escort mission where she was not used to attending such events. She had made a small fool of herself and was going to go to bed pouting. Dian noticed and invited her to relax before bed. It turned into a full sleepover where Dian gossiped about some of the nobles and shared embarrassing stories of them to put Mikota to ease.

“What do you honestly think of Rayyan?” Mikota asked in a curious tone as they lay together in the massive bed. “I think he’s trying to court you but we all know that won’t work unless you like him at all.”

“He’s always been a gentleman to me. He treats me with more respect than most of the men who approach me. He’s Wanda’s brother though and I don’t know how well that will go. I know I don’t want to be shipped off to some foreign place in a political marriage, but I also don’t want to marry someone just to prevent that.”

“I get that one. You’re going to have to spend the rest of your life with them. It wouldn’t be a happy one if you didn’t like the person at all.”

“I’d rather just you be male so I could simply marry you but that isn’t possible.” Dian sighed. She had seen Mikota’s brother once, assumed Mikota would look similar, and felt regret. Mikota’s brother was actually quite handsome and Dian thought that Mikota would have been just as if she had been born a male.

“You know we wouldn’t have met had I been born male. The entire reason why we are here together is because you wanted a female knight.” Mikota began laughing at the thought.

“Do you have any plans on marrying?” Dian rolled her eyes and changed the subject when Mikota laughed at her.

“When you stop needing me to be your knight, I plan on becoming a paladin. They can take a vow of celibacy and I wouldn’t have any problem with that. I would also be able to help a lot of people in need by becoming one. They train and throughout the training develop magic they can use to help and I think that’s a great thing.” Mikota had been thinking about this for a while. She knew that Dian wouldn’t need her service forever, and had started to plan for what she would do after.

Dian made a grunt of agreement as she thought about it. Becoming a paladin suited Mikota the more she thought about it. She then vowed to help Mikota on her path any way she could. Mikota also vowed to help Dian on her path of finding a suitable husband. She planned on diligently screening any suitor that showed his face.

To their credit, each fulfilled their vow. Dian found herself spending more time with Rayyan after pleading with her father to find someone better for Wanda. Dian was tasked with finding that person. In order to do so, she needed to get to know what Wanda liked. To do that she would either have to get in touch with Wanda, or ask her brother. She chose the easier option and wrote to Rayyan. He gladly accepted and it took only a week for them to find a gentle young man who shared many of Wanda’s hobbies. The only obstacle was his taste for wearing ladies clothing. Not leaving any option without thoroughly trying, she approached the young man and found he simply enjoyed wearing ladies clothing. He still had a preference for dating ladies.

With great joy that spring, Wanda broke her engagement with Dane and found a new love. It happened to be during Dian and Rayyan’s engagement ceremony. Mikota was crying tears of joy at the happy expression that only she and Rayyan could see. To everyone else, Dian still looked expressionless. You just had to look close enough, however, to see the pure joy in her eyes.

Mikota took her first step to becoming a paladin soon after. After a spartan training put together by Dian and Rayyan, Mikota had managed to pass the exam all would-be paladins had to take at the top. She proudly showed off her score and that happiness was only matched when her uniform arrived and she was appointed a mentor. Mikota would go on to become one of the greatest paladin’s recorded. She would destroy any corruption she got wind of and treated every person equally. She remained single her entire life and when she started to show her age, she decided to just raise the orphans on the temple’s premises.

Dane went on to become king and began a terrible time where he not only had a legitimate child, but also had many children with mistresses that caught his eye. He never really figured out why he felt the need to go through women like someone went through socks. 

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