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The Kidnapping of Scarlet James-Part two-Avoiding the  Poison

Upon awakening, I do not see Alvin, the nurse, or Jennifer. I feel an uneasy feeling in my stomach as I search the room. At this point, I find myself tied to the hospital bed with leather straps. Before I can panic a man, I do not recognize walks in. He speaks in a low, calm voice, “Scarlet.” he mutters before Alvin arrives. 

“I told you I am here for the girl, not you. Do not make this harder than it must be. Hand her over Alvin!” he suddenly shouts. He notices I am startled when he comes towards; however, Alvin puts his arm between the stranger and me and snaps, “And I told you, over my DEAD BODY!”. 

The stranger chuckles and says, “That can be arranged brother.”.

At this point, I feel more confused than the night before. “Who is this man Alvin and why did he call me Scarlet?” I ask with curiosity. Alvin glances over at me with anger in his eyes and glares back at the stranger. 

“You called her what?! Johnathan, I thought I was extremely clear with how you address my wife,” Alvin snaps with the tone of betrayal in his voice. Johnathan looks at me with heartbreak and longing. 

“Please Alvin let her go. I promise I will stay away from her.” Johnathan begs. At this point, I feel a sense of confusion wave over me. 

“Alvin, I don’t feel well. Please get me some water.” I ask weakly. 

“Of course, my dear.” he replies, eyeing Johnathan as he grabs the pitcher of water and hands it to Alvin.

Alvin slips something in my water, and I pretend not to notice. 

“Thank you darling. I am so weak. I think I need a nap.” I assure him. 

“Anything for you Ella.” Alvin replies as he gets up, “Drink up. We can not have you dehydrating.”. I glance over Johnathan, who is frantically shaking his head no as I meet the cup to my lips. However, he and Alvin have no clue that I have no plans of drinking it. Alvin notices me looking over at Johnathan, and he gets up to lead him out. As his back is turned, I quickly pour the water into the flowers on the nightstand near my bed. Johnathan begins to talk loudly, pretending to not notice.

“Alvin,” I call out, “Please will you take my cup. I am feeling exhausted. I think I need a nap.”. A sly smile crosses Alvin’s face as he inches towards me to get the cup. 

“Anything for you, darling.”, he replies as he picks up the cup and takes it with him. I see the nurse in the hall, so I pretend to be passed out. 

“Don’t worry about her shot today. I took care of it in her water. However, please remove her restraints. She will be too weak to move for the rest of the night and I don’t want her to be stiff in the morning. We have a big day tomorrow.” he whispers to her in the hall.

When the nurse opens the door, I fake being asleep. This could be my only chance at getting free. The nurse approaches and gently releases my restraints. As she is turned around, changing out the flowers for fresh ones, I gently slip her phone out of her scrubs pocket. I switch it to silent and return to my original stance after slipping the phone under my back. She quietly tiptoes out of the room and shuts the door, careful to not wake me. I guess she doesn’t trust that Alvin poisoned me enough. I open her phone; however, I am not sure who I am supposed to call. Calling 9-11 could put me in more danger than before. I also don’t know if I can trust Jennifer.

My thoughts are interrupted by Johnathan barging into my room in a hurry. He immediately notices the phone in my hand. 

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. He has Ashley’s phone tapped. Shit. I shouldn’t have mentioned her name. Now I will have to kill her after I save you.”. He looks at me softly when he notices the terror in my eyes. 

“Sorry. No. I will leave her be if you wish but we really must get you out of here. Can you walk?” he asks as he inches towards me. 

“I-I dont know. I dont know how long I have been her or how long this has been going on for. What does Alvin want with me?”. I ask in terror.

“Alvin needs a son to run the mafia. He thinks you are his best bet however he needs to have complete control over you.” Johnathan informs me. 

“Has- Has he….you know?” I ask, terrified. “THAT?! Oh god no. He hasn’t had the chance. He claims you are not weak enough and you will fight it.” He replies. As I am sitting there processing what is going on, Johnathan picks me up and throws me over his shoulder. 

“We really dont have time for this.” he whispers.

It’s dark in Alvin’s home, and I can’t see what is in front of us. Johnathan seems to know exactly where we are going. However, I am still so weak I pass out while trusting him to return me to safety.

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