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An Ode to the dead and those who are destined to join…—————

D. David Croot has been writing on and off (pretty much continually) for nineteen hundred years. He is no preternatural creature, no real special abilities or heightened desires to speak of, but he’s put in his four-trillion hours and it’s all for you my sweaty precious and sublimely beautiful creatures.

It truly is an honour to be read, feel free to share comment and tell me how much you hate my writing!

really tear it apart!!!

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I want you dead

I want you to live for me

Show me a neglected starry road that dines on raped wisdom

Reveal to all the fragile paradoxical line of laugher at the expense of this testicular trinket world

Disorganise and rearrange the insanity of every sense and most all cruxical ideals

You tortured miscreant,

wholly witty deviant

Flames engulf your tomb

but you never did care

Always wailing through melody,

railing at phantoms around

Sit in shit and live like a pig!

I need a line from a cancerous life

Time passes and your wretched splendour

becomes fairytale, poorly emulated

only ever debated then slept on memory foam

You dreamers within dreams on top of the beauty of a slit n’ bloodied neck

Wrapping your discoloured lies around maidens tap-dancing through graveyards

Gut rot poison imbibed for the searching reason it had no affect

The self-aware self, the authenticity of genius is always interesting

consciousness illuminating

always damn near perfect!

My debut novel is here, yes free, free, tell all and giveaway to as many people as you know who happen to read.

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