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Follow the Feeling (free debut novel)

What happens when your mother dies, you cannot relate to your kids and your wife is just the first lady to wave her pearly puppy dog eyes at you?

You do as Dennis does!

Romance and life begins when you disregard all that has gone on before.

Written with the wit of Kurt Vonnegut, the heart of Knut Hamsun and Carson McCullers combined. Truly a modern incarnation of that blunted reality seeker Charles Bukowski.

This is the romantic slice of life you all seek! Follow the feeling!


Can you start again in the middle of middle age?

“Course you fucking can” says Dennis as he leaves his wife, his job and his kids behind for a world anew.


D. David Croot has been writing on and off (pretty much continually) for nineteen hundred years. He is no preternatural creature, no real special abilities or heightened desires to speak of, but he’s put in his four-trillion hours and it’s all for you my sweaty precious and sublimely beautiful creatures.

Free here: https://ko-fi.com/s/73acb0dba3 

Kofi shop here: https://ko-fi.com/ddavidcroot

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