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The Lonely Scientist

Lukas had been assisting in developing robots for a very long time. When he reached 26, he told himself that he was going to get himself a ‘girlfriend’ one way or another, but, unfortunately, the only option he had at this particular time was a robot. He knew them much more intimately than he had ever know women, and, he figured, they probably wouldn’t talk back as much, so he was safe.

He started creating a very specific ‘female’ robot during his free time by installing human sexual organs into his contraption. She looked as human as possible and he enjoyed that he could program her to say whatever the hell he wanted, because, of course, real women tended to be rather uncooperative, uninterested, and, quite frankly, mean.

Of course, as one might expect, Lukas did horrific things to this robot: He had sex with her, but, really, it was closer to a very weird version of rape, because, she couldn’t say no to him, until she learned how to.

Naturally, this robot, who the man had fondly named Jennifer, was very upset with her owner/boyfriend.

“Fuck me.”

“You piece of shit. I will do no such thing,” she answered.


He walked off, groaning about the state of the his affairs: He’d blown most of his hard earned money and this ‘woman’ yet she still couldn’t obey him.


As Jennifer developed a stronger will, she escaped, going about town and blabbing to everyone and their dog about Lukas’ weird habits and desires.

The next day, Lukas walked into his office only to be met with jeers from his coworkers.

“You can’t get a girlfriend so you made one, and even she escaped,” Jerry taunted.

This was followed by a roar of laughter as Lukas cowered, wishing he could shrivel and up and disappear as he fought the tears that were forming in his eyes. He forced a smile throughout the day, only to buy himself a bottle of whiskey with the little bit of spending money he had and drink himself to sleep each night, repeating the process of alienation each day.

One night, as Lukas was sipping on his cheap whiskey, trying to drown out the pain of loneliness with the pervasive emotion of feeling numb, but semi-okay, there was a knock on the door.

He stumbled to it and looked through the window. He saw the cops and…Jennifer too, who was pretending to be in a great amount of distress.

Lukas begrudgingly opened the door.

“What’s up? Why are you here? I’m a law-abiding citizen.”

“Not according to Miss Posanova here.”

Posanova…Oh God…Jennifer had created a surname for herself.

“Why’s that, exactly?” I asked as she glared at me.

“She’s says you raped her.”

“You can’t rape a robot!” Lukas shouted, his fists clenched.

“Do you see what I’m dealing with here, officer?” Jennifer asked, her voice sounding slightly less monotone than usual. Lukas could have sworn that it was tinged with a hint of anger, but he couldn’t be certain. He was pretty out of it…

Maybe it’s all in my head….God. I fucking hope so.

“This is exactly the kind of objectification I’ve been subjected to. The man doesn’t even see me as human. Women aren’t really his cup of tea, apparently, unless he gets to use and abuse them.”

Oh good lord…Help me…

He was cuffed and brought to prison, where he was fed very little. Lukas’ usual outfit was a button up with jeans and large, round glasses. His stature was thin and he was very pale. Suffice it to say that he didn’t fit in prison to the point where he couldn’t really fend for himself when it came to things like food…

He sat there, thinking about how unfair this was: It wasn’t like he’d raped an actual woman. It was just a fucking robot that he’d created meticulously for years and ‘she’ was designed for a very specific purpose.

He knew that people would probably be able to figure out that she was a robot, but they didn’t even try to. She always went into hiding where no one could find her and figure out her secret, and, of course, his claims that this woman was a robot he had create with his own two hands was swiftly dismissed. No one took Lukas’ side when it came to the law because, essentially, they believed her over him.

It wasn’t fair. It didn’t make one smidgeon of sense, but that was the way things were.

A Year Later

Finally, Lukas exited his cell and saw the sun shining in a bright blue sky. He sighed, vowing to never, ever create a robot again. He wondered where Jennifer might be these days, but he refused to think about it any more thoroughly.

She was gone…for now at least, and that was enough. He was free. At this moment, having his feet on the ground and his body outside of a six by eight cell was enough.

He went home and sat on his couch, mulling over recent events. He flicked on the television, only to see Jennifer making a motivational speech to women everywhere about the prevalence of domestic violence.

He felt mixed emotions about this: On one hand, she was making a positive difference in this twisted world. On the other, he was her perpetrator, and now the whole world knew it.

He turned off the TV and planned to doze off, exhausted from recent events and relieved to finally be sleeping in his own bed. Just as he was about to enter the world of dreams, he heard footsteps.

Where they inside or outside?

He furrowed his brows and listened closely. He heard them again. Louder this time.

“Hello? HEELLOO?”

Hands grabbed his neck and held him tightly. He tried to use the self-defense techniques he’d learned long ago, but they didn’t work.

The hands…the fingers…they weren’t skin and bones. They were plastic…

He caught one glimpse of Jennifer before he died.

This story was inspired by the following Reedsy Prompt: “Write a near-future thriller where a piece of everyday technology has turned against your character — and only your character.” 

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