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Rogue Pod: Illegal Activity

– Prologue –


Lulu’s constant thrashing made it worse: rough plastic nipped at her black and white body, as if she were in the midst of a piranha feeding frenzy, and tore at her fluke and dorsal fin. The once comforting peace of the cool, briny North Atlantic had become a hellish nightmare. Cradled in limbo, her great strength was powerless to overcome the clutches of the deep and every hefty swell of the ocean bound her tighter to her fate. With pressure mounting in her lungs, Lulu scattered hysterical, high pitched whistles and pulses across the sea. But, as she tilted her body up towards the surface, all she saw was the first, shy glimmers of the white-gold morning sun.


Not so far away, tiny bubbles streamed past John Coe’s face as he beat back the crashing waves of the sea with ease. In this moment, love conquered all. He breached the surface of the water like a juggernaut as he honed in on the location of Lulu’s voice and let out a monstrous call.


As dawn broke, the rays of morning sun that penetrated deep into the water started to twinkle in Lulu’s eyes. A sudden sense of calm swept across her mind and she started to contemplate her perilous circumstance more rationally; she hadn’t been to the surface in over 7 minutes, but she had time. Lulu eyeballed the netting close to the side of her face and grabbed it in between her teeth. She chewed slowly and the wirey ringlets of the netting started to pull apart and loop around her teeth. A hole was gradually starting to appear between the gaps in the netting and, as she felt John Coe’s rumbling vibrations reach out to her, Lulu knew she had a chance of surviving.

Suddenly, Lulu’s eyes widened as John Coe crashed out of the murky darkness of the sea, as if appearing from hyperspace.

“I’m dying John Coe; I don’t have much time,” Lulu spoke softly. John Coe said nothing and analysed the situation. Lulu was on the opposite side of the netting to him. He couldn’t grab her; he couldn’t barge her; all he could do was look through the window she’d made and chew. A metallic taste had oozed out into the water in the minutes they’d both spent widening the gap between each side of the netting. Their gums were sore and Lulu was getting tired. As time went by, the two orca’s traded sweet words every few seconds.

“I love you.”

“I love you.”

“I love you.”

But with each return of affection, one grew weaker and weaker. “I love you John…”

“I love you, Lulu.” Then silence.

John Coe stopped what he was doing and eased back from the window they’d made together in the netting. As John Coe let the ocean current pull him away, he did not once draw his eyes from Lulu. Eventually, the last echoes of life escaped Lulu’s body and burst at the surface. The top half of Lulu’s body arched back, and caught a glimpse of the light – she looked beautiful.

Although his heart ached passionately, as the body of his one true love ebbed and flowed serenely on the cool ocean current, John Coe’s mind fell into darkness. No more than a minute after Lulu’s passing, John Coe’s undying love had hardened into bitter vengeance. The anger consumed him and he dwelt upon it, until one day, after many years, an unexpected opportunity for revenge presented itself and inspired John Coe into direct conflict with all of humanity.


Rogue Pod: Illegal Activity is a secret release from Dark Hour Dog Publishing, only known to those who stumbled across it here on Simily. This prologue is part of a 15K short story slated for release at some point in 2022.

Rogue Pod: Illegal Activity is a dark-comedic fantasy written by George Wilcox & inspired by the real life pod of North Sea killer whales, known as the West Coast Community. Please take the time to learn about the fate of these creatures and keep up-to-date with news about this story @ 

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