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Curly stood still, like a statue as he watched Kelly and Mike enter the funhouse. Carnival music played. Curly’s green eyes reflected only light. Reasoning did not exist in that twisted mind. Hate, hate, hate. All he felt was hate. Mike had raped his mother about a month ago. Curly swore he could smell ‘the nigger’ afterward. Curly got her liquored up and waited till she fell asleep before decapitating her with the very knife currently holstered on his waist. He waited for Mike to walk by before sucker punching him in the head and jumping out from the darkness and slicing each eyelid off of Mike before severing the base of Mike’s spine. Kelly ran in the opposite direction but Curly caught her and tackled her and dragged her over by Mike and ripped her shirt off and pulled down her skirt and slid himself right into her warmth.

‘’Nigger bitch feels good,’’ Curly said, cutting her cheek with his knife. He fondles her shapely breasts. ‘’Is this how my mom felt, monkey? When you stuck it in her. Remember? Can’t close your eyes because I cut off your Goddamn eyelids!’’

Curly cut off both of Kelly’s nipples as she screamed and cried and took out his knife and jammed it through Kelly’s left eyeball, jelly and blood gushed out of the eye socket. He walked over to a paralyzed Mike and slit his throat, letting him choke on his own blood, gasping for breath. Curly watched the life leave Mike’s eyes.

He cut off Mike’s head until he heard a pop and did the same to Kelly, at which point both came off like the head of an action figure. He placed each head beside their respective bodies. Soaked in blood, Curly whistled as he made his way through the rest of the Funhouse. e

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