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She wants 

And hates herself for it.

“But its normal” she says to the reflection in the mirror.

A near lifeless visage with hollowed out sockets 

She couldn’t tell you the last time she slept or ate or bathed 

Days turned into weeks, mo ths into years.

She does not remember the name her father gave her, nor the one her mother calls her.

The girl raises a hand up and her reflection does the same.

The hand is covered with diamond rings paired with rare stone inlays so that it shone a different colour every time she moved it under the light.

A necklace with a diamond pendant the size of an orange rests on her bosom.

“Its not enough” she says. The girl in the mirror nods in agreement. “I’d for more shiny things” she fingers the diamond pendant absentmindedly “Don’t you agree?” The girl in the mirror nods again. She always agrees.

“A client called this morning, he says he cant get enough of me…of us. He says he will buy us more shiny things”.

The girl in the mirror smiles at this, a smile that meant nothing, like the shell that made it.

“Maybe after this we’ll stop. Maybe he will give us enough pretty sparkly things that we wouldn’t have to- ” She stops herself.  They never talk talk about That Stuff.

All that truly mattered were the rewards they got after.

“I promise we’ll never have to do this again” She whispers against the cool glass “After this”

She selects a fur covered bag from amongst a pile and totters over to the door.

The girl in the mirror smiles as the door closes, it is a dead, empty smile. She waits, like she’s done a thousand time before. For more pretty sparkly stuff. 

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