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Malus Malum

“An apple a day”, that’s what they said. To keep the illnesses at bay and the medical bills nearly nonexistent. With all of the plagues and pandemics cycling through populations these days, it’s simply not safe to be exposed. It was a revelation when the discovery was made, that the chemical makeup of a malum was the vaccine. Vaccine against any airborne pathogen. I never was one for taking medications; only when my mom forced the bitter pills down my throat like a dog. But malums? Malums are different. The sweetest reward that I ingest without coaxing. Truly a wonder in medicine to make something so revolutionary that wasn’t revolting in taste and look. It wasn’t unexpected when most medical companies monopolized the market and made the prices skyrocket. It’s a capitalist society, you know? It’s driving people to violent actions and is responsible for a fair share of riots. I get it though, if I was in control I’d keep them all to myself.

They’re so shiny. So smooth and supple under my fingertips. Some people have a preference as to what color they like best, as if that matters. It’s the taste that really makes the difference. I’m beginning to dig my fingers in too roughly, the anticipation taking over. I can’t bruise this one, they never taste as crisp and juicy. Not once their innocence is gone. My teeth have broken the skin before I consciously realise I’ve decided to indulge. The sweet juice trickles down my chin and I know I’ll get to relive my treat later. I tend to forget to wash the sticky stains off my chin; passing out with the evidence in hand. Two bites was all it took, two full mouthfuls and moments of bliss, before it was gone. I needed to find another. It used to take me at least ten bites before I could finish one, now I can go through a whole bag in minutes. The bigger ones

didn’t help, the ones with unblemished skin and absolutely divine scent. Soon. Soon I’ll find one that brought such euphoria as the first.

My craving, my hunger, can be summed up in one word: savage. It’s not an addiction if it’s good for you. It’s not like there’s a shortage, our state has at least a dozen orchards. Each filled to the brim with the most shapely figures, each begging to be bit into. It’s my dream to work at one; the euphoria will never end. They all said, “See a specialist”, or “It’s not normal to eat ten apples a day”. It’s a shame they can’t experience it like I can, that they don’t feast upon the sweet flesh and welcome the savage ecstasy that leaves me satisfied. Or it used to. Each time I tear through a bag, it takes more. It’s not my choice that it’s the highlight of my week. Or my lunch break, my after dinner dessert. They just don’t get it and I pity them for that; and the carnal rush they’ll never feel. I’ll gladly welcome their shunning, my ripe darlings console me with candied doses. The only downside to my cravings is the mess. Apparently not only humans enjoy the taut crispness of their flesh; roaches and other assorted crawlies have infested my nylon carpet and took residence in trash. Trash I have neglected to take out for the better part of a month. Cores aren’t trash, I’m just collecting a large amount for recycling. It’s a good thing and the community will thank me. Hoarder is a dramatic and unnecessary word, I prefer collector. I have no reason to throw away the bare cores, they’re memories I can fondly look upon. If I gaze upon their skeleton hard enough I can imagine the tart juice upon my tongue once more. I can’t stand it any longer, just thinking about promised ecstasy makes me salivate enough to look like a dog once more.

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