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The Slaw that Broke the Camel’s Back

The Slaw that Broke the Camel’s Back

A really, really bad dad story

** ** ** *** ** **

What do you call a group of camels in disguise? “A Camo.”

What does a camel always ask when serving tea? “Would you like one hump, or two?”

How did the camel get injured in the cabbage patch? “The slaw broke the camel’s back.”

** ** ** *** ** **

Hamill the camel was a very bored mammal

He lived his life in a trammel, stuck on the same channel

But he had great teeth enamel

He was dromedary, one hump in solidarity

Not bactrian – and that’s a fact-rian!

One day, he thought, “I’ll go to a cabbage patch!

I’ll find a good batch

To serve at the wrestling match.”

So off he went, in a car that was lent

But his clothes he did rent

When he learned…he didn’t have a cent

Hamill was sad

So sad he was mad

And then he was glad

(is this rhyming that bad?)

Since as he was standing

He saw a very demanding

Cow with a pig that was panting

About to make a crash landing

“Not that one!” she said

As he climbed toward the top

Using nothing but a mop

To get the best cabbage in the crop

They were stacked high in a pile

Freshly picked in a spiral

And she wanted the best

But Hamill couldn’t help feel…that this was a test

“I can get you a cabbage

The pig can’t quite manage

But what’s the old adage?

Nothing’s free without baggage!”

“I want one for myself

That’s the price for my help”

It was fair, so he felt

The poor pig wasn’t svelte

The cow, she agreed

To pay for her greed

And Hamill, he climbed

So badly he rhymed

Just to pass time

Until he felt fine

Right near the top

Without even the mop

A few cabbages he dropped

For the cow that was mooing nonstop

But suddenly he slipped

For the ladder he missed

And the cow did witness

As he stumbled down into the abyss

But he seemed quite alright

As he sat up forthright

Though he was a bit affright

As a cabbage fell in flight

It hit him on the back

And everyone heard a crack

It was a brutal attack

For the poor humpback

They rushed him to the hospital

And though his injury was not nominal

Hamill’s recovery was phenomenal

He had a great story to tell

Once he was finally well

And when he replied to fan mail

He would always end the tale

Remember: It wasn’t the fall, he would drawl

It was the slaw that broke the camel’s back

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