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A high school boy with fair skin and tall found a lake that was shrouded with mystery. He was drawn to it. He walked closer and closer until he was at the edge. He looked down and saw the reflection that led him to smile.

                   “Is that really me?” he asked after seeing such a gorgeous-looking man in the lake.

But his joy didn’t long when suddenly the image turned into a scrawny-looking man.

                   “W-What happened?!” he cried. “What does this mean?”

Then a voice coming from the lake answered.

“Though some may think you’re a beauty,
Some may also disagree.
You see yourself as gold,
But truth is, you’re just too bold”

What that voice said angered him making him storm away.

Word about the lake spread and soon people searched for it. Not long, they started to call the lake the “Voice of Truth”.

Another person came. This time it was a girl wearing stylish clothes. She looked down at the lake and with anticipation, she waited for the voice to speak.

“Money, fame, and love,
These are things you could have”

A smile from ear to ear formed on her face but was erased because of the next thing the voice said.

“If one’s core isn’t selfish,
Unfortunately, you are too piggish”

And the girl’s reflection turned into a horrible-looking person that sent her crying away.

The next person walked up to the lake. It was a girl standing tall and her head held high but looking stiff.

“Your eyes scream purity,
But you’re full of insecurity.
The future isn’t so kind,
Doubt will only leave you blind”

The girl left with her head looking down, ashamed that the lake was not lying.

Another girl came, this one dressed so proper and is in her twenties walked up to the magical lake.

“I know the job you are most suited for,
Acting it is, for sure.”

A frown formed in the girl’s face, understanding what the lake was trying to point out. She wasn’t too happy about it, obviously. Especially when her reflection was showing a girl wearing a mask with two faces.

“To prove me wrong and disagree,
Away with the mask so it’ll be”

Once more another guy came forth, with his hand hidden in his pants pocket as it shivers.

“A world full of possibilities
Is what your eyes see.
A fear that will bring you nothing,
Only leave you hiding”

The next guy that came after him was his exact opposite. This guy was wearing a yellow shirt and was cheerful as he walked up to the lake. And his reflection showed himself smiling so brightly as well.

“Positivity and dreaming is fine,
Both are not a crime.
But for one’s head to be filled with it all,
Will only lead to you to fall”

Finally, a plain young man stepped forward to the magical lake. He looked down and was in awe at what he saw.

                        “Where is my reflection? Where is my truth?” he cried.

“The truth is what you see,
Indeed. Unmistaken.
For you know not your identity.
Nor the form you beckon”

A voice came from a misty lake that was hidden in the woods where humans don’t usually wander to. The voice was mellow and almost sounded like a caring mother telling a bedtime story to her children. The voice spoke…

“You who stand there, come here to me,
And then you will see
The truth that will set you free
And a better ‘I’ you will be”

Recommended1 Simily SnapPublished in Drama, Fantasy, Fiction, Poetry