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Last Song

“In a wild open field, I can feel the wind

Blowing strong, blowing unrestricted

No chains to bind them, no walls to block them

Racing, journeying with their own will

Running wild, running free

I ran together with them on my bare feet

No real direction, I just kept on running

I kept going ‘till my breath grew short

Wondering the world without a trace of hesitation or care

I had my own wings now to soar

Soar up high, fly with pride

I made my own path now, my own destiny

No one to control me but me

The fear inside me vanished

Shedding no more tears

All my heartaches gone forever, feeling stronger than ever

I feel no more regrets, no more remorse

I have finally escaped my cruel fate

With this feeling, I can finally depart and smile with all my heart

Knowing I did all I could and be who I should”

This is the last song a girl I once knew wrote. A girl whose life was unfortunate but never cursed her fate.

A girl who loved music and played with more emotion than I ever knew. She used this as a means of escape when the world turned on her. Her smile was as bright as the morning sun but didn’t live very long. Cancer took her from us too early. Took her from me.

There was once a girl who loved music. A girl who I love very much forever. And this was her last song.

“But if I had one more wish, this is what it would be

I would wish I had one more chance to be with you

One more chance to hold you before I go

One more chance to tell you I love you with all my heart”


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