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Audra, Pt.2: The Red Songstress

The underworld was the reflection of the world’s blazing torment and punishment. It brought a strong stench that one could not breathe in with no way to escape. The pain of the tortured, black souls that yelled in the distance was a hellish reality of eternity. A lonely house sat in the outskirts. It reeked of the fire it had touched. It was blessed by the beautiful hum of a song. Such harmony released a wind that pushed away the demonic presence and the flames that once consumed the house. The song reached outward, creating a cleansed space. Creatures and spirits of the individuals that lost the righteous sense were submitted into patience, waiting for the song to end. It was their punishment for the awaiting of the songstress’ end. Sabrina sat in the empty front room upon the wooden floor of the house, humming the notes away. Her beauty was to be thanked for having been given such a gift by the darkest lord of his kind. Sabrina’s words were taken away, for the song granted her ease. She grew tired of it but could not stop. Her fate was her self-inflicting action that was led by the possible death of her love and joy. The path to seeing and being with him was washed away in her blood. Amid the reoccurring memory of what was done by her hand and the blade, she expressed her pain to herself through the song continuously, another way of using the special gift in an attempt to bring ease by the dark beauty it maintained.

Oh, did the blade feel so cold before it turned cold. With it in one hand and her child in the other, it was clear and replayed like a theatrical scene in front of emptiness. Sabrina was the star and spectator then and at that moment of the song. Such song expressed her sadness. It was a moment in life she wished to have taken back. Hell was not so forgiven. Sabrina sat in tears as the song played on.

The wind swayed strongly around the space of freedom. All of darkness became restless and remained as the taste for Sabrina’s flesh urged them on. The song reached the other side of the door. She took her long walk across the hot surface with her tune graciously coming out non-stop. It irritated the demons more, making them violently disturbed. The wall of darkness clawed and growled at her, seeing the notes as a taunt. The view of thousands of hell’s creatures and minions came to her as a surprise that all standing was in need of her blood. Even the winged could not match with the wind, or their flapping from above. Their red eyes stared on, piercing through with an intention that no other being could possess. She was trapped and saw enough to return to the house in a hurry. Breaking through the song was a disturbed scream from the evil crowd. Sabrina stopped to wonder, but it was no more. Her footsteps slowly ranged further, and the scream followed, breaking through freely without struggle and grabbing her attention once more. It was a task that the vicious yells and moans of the dark side could not do. Sabrina’s eyes tried to follow as it came near.

A commotion interrupted the evil in her direction. They would not let the annoyance pass, making the unseen entity take on the part of her, for she could not be reached. It was her lost love Idris, finally submerging from the evil sea of souls. A claw had its gentle grip on his arm, but he pulled it away respectfully. He appeared before Sabrina not as a battered soul with deep gashes from his attackers. His return into the abyss was his way of expressing a great need for her. Seeing her body lying still after returning back home from work was nightmarish. It appeared once more, for they shared the same. Idris walked to her with the suffering of a million deaths. Sabrina met him with her melody, hoping to soothe his pain. For the very first time, her touch caressed the demon’s unmarked face of bruises and claw marks.

“Your tune is a golden light of life. It brought me to you,” Idris said. Sabrina’s words were held in the depths of her belly and could not form them. “Please… I must hear your voice. Your words,” Idris said. He did not know of her curse. She remained sharing with him the song. “Why must you not speak? It is your voice that I want. That’s all.”

As the harmony flowed, so did a tear upon Sabrina’s cheek. The thoughts grew, causing her words to do the same. They started to rise, and the knowing of the consequence descended slowly. The time for the song was at its end with hesitation. The demons could smell what was to be done. It was the look in Idris’ eyes that Sabrina could not let go. They were together once again, and her vocals came to a halt.

“Idris- I love you!” Sabrina said.

Darkness came with a raging vengeance through the diminishing wind. The light that was left was getting smaller by the demons’ travel, and they found their selves amid the malicious. As they met with the horrific incident, Sabrina struggled to express her song. It was replaced by her gory scream. Idris’ voice came at the same time but was more violent. The broken tune slowly started to come forward, pushing away one demon at a time. Tears from the pain were shed. The song of a cracked voice kept sounding. Her tune grew stronger and violently attacked the pursuers. With it came the space that was once her sanctuary. Sabrina found herself on the ground. She captured a devastating sight of Idris and crawled to him. The song had no effect to ease his pain. He suffered enough, and it was time to take him away toward the house. They expressed what love was, a virtue that was non-existent upon the hellish world. With little power, Sabrina lied beside him with the tune flowing in his ear. Although persistent, it was soothing to the sound. Her harmony lessened, giving a quiet moment together on the floor.

“It’s so beautiful,” Idris said.

Her urge was stronger than before, but it meant another terrifying assault. With a look into his eyes, she suddenly stopped. To their surprise, not a sound from a screeching soul was in the air from the outside of the house. For the first time, there was silence. Sabrina left him to proceed to the door. In the open, the sea of darkness was gone. All were absent in the presence of the dark lord himself, standing in the center of the ground with his black eyes gazing through her. With caution, she took her steps slowly toward him. His look was stunning and handsome to the eye, but his inside was dark as the dusk above on earth. Sabrina stood face to face with him without a word, not even the melody that he granted her.

“The gift was used far enough. It seems that your words of compassion are much valuable than he,” he said. What came next was a decision that put her more in the depths of self-torment. With the snap of his finger, Sabrina felt a tingling in her throat. “I’m doing this for you, my dear.”

“I can talk.”

“That, you can.”

“I will never give him away,” Sabrina said.

The handsome devil smiled to what was behind her. Idris barely stood with all he had left. It was a vision that could come true with a dark agreement. The devil’s persistence brought the last of all talks with the beaten soul of Sabrina.

“Still, your words possess a value for this man. I will take him upon this hand for your sake of word,” he said.

As Idris slowly approached, she ran into his arms with a tight hold. Idris kept his eyes on the evil that stood in front of him as it smiled back at him. To Sabrina’s hearing, there was a familiar sound, only to be produced with a voice above her brow. What came from Idris was the melody that was granted to her first. A state of shock came to her, for her love was not who she fell in love with. Idris became distorted and transformed before her eyes. Idris was no longer, but of a woman. Her hair was of fire with jet black eyes, and her blood orange dress glowed like the flame.

“No! Why?” Sabrina asked as she was taken back.

The tilted grin came from the devil that was followed by laughter. The sea of dark souls rushed toward them with malevolent intent. All Sabrina saw was the black clouds rushing toward them. The song slowly became a faint sound, and the handsome devil was gone.

“It is you that I seek,” the woman said.


“No. My name is Audra.”

“Where is Idris? What did you do with him?”

“He is within his own pain and sadness- your child’s and own demise from your hand. He did not come back for you. His emotions kept him from home. This house, it was once his. Of course, it was much lavish and extravagant than this. It was the only remnant that we could give to you as a welcoming.”

“What do you want?”


“I don’t understand.”

“I know what you want, and I can give it to you. You want the love of your life back. He is on earth waiting for you, for your return. Is it not what you want?”


“Then come near,” Audra said. Sabrina edged closer to her. Audra’s black eyes began to glow fiery red. To Sabrina, it was not horrific, but soothing and warm. “Sabrina is no longer here. I am you, and you are me.”

Before Sabrina’s eyes, Audra was gone. She could feel the fire turning from the inside. Her head began to burn and grew lengthier. The smoke from her hair intensified and burst into a calming flame. The scars on her wrist sealed, and her dressed burned away for a blood orange dress to form upon her naked body. Audra stepped outside the front door to a crowd of demons kneeling to her feet. She walked in between as they formed a walkway just for their beauty of the damned. There was one goal set in mind for Audra. With a look into the fire above, she knew it was waiting. 

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