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Why join MY Email Subscription?

Answer: Because you want to!

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I bet you didn’t expect me to answer my own question right there in the subheading!

But there it is, nonetheless. I want you to have every available option to smack into my work. Now, you won’t even need to go to Medium.com — it’s coming to you!

Remember when you had to get dressed, throw on a pair of slippers and shuffle out to the curb to open up your mailbox? Now you can check for junk mail in the comfort of your favorite computer chair! No need to even keep up with local ordinances — you can do this all buck naked!

The best part for you is that you don’t even have to read what I wrote. I mean, I’d absolutely LOVE it if you did, but we live in a free society, and if you just want to delete the hard work I put in to entertain you, then be my guest. Banish me to your junk mail folder. Print out my stories just so you can feed them through your shredder.

You have free will. I can’t stop you.

But, on the off-chance that a title or picture might catch your eye, pique your interest, I want to give you every opportunity to read my work, comment on it, hell, and even share it with others on social media (or forwarding emails? Remember those?).

Subscribing to writers’ mailing lists is how we get the choice to build Community. I sincerely want to welcome you to mine.

Thank you.

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