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That Night, We Killed… Ep 1

Long time no see…

It felt warm against my skin, the muted bus sign I stood against. The sunsetting, leaving behind remnants of the day’s weather, and the natural indicator of the hurricane season ahead. I did not think twice about the people standing around me, holding individual conversations. I had my headphones on just like any other time I was in a crowded space. My playlist was sorted for a specific day of the week, and today was rock. Just like the weather, this was my natural indicator of how my night will end.

I can feel the stares on my back as my body swayed to the guitar riffs. My eyes closed and I can see the notes riding as the ocean waves. I was free, relaxed, and exiled from all negative thoughts and ideas. Maybe tonight would be a good night. I wanted it to be a good night.

I reached out my hand so the music could touch my skin. But it was something else that landed on the surface. It was soft and warm, yet forceful and it pulled my body forward. My head finally caught up to what was happening, and my eyes manifested the very noise I wanted to avoid.

Anna’s demeanor wore thick on her face. Ten years was strong enough to change anyone’s physical perspective on life. Her mouth moved as she frowned deeper. Her facial expressions and body movement flowed with the rhythm of the song in my ears. She raised her hand to my ears just like a staff parting the red sea, and ended my trance.

“Leigh, get in. We’re gonna be late.” she released my hand and rushed to the car far out of her price range. Where did she get that car? What is she doing here? Why after ten years, she appears now?

“Yo, get in!” she said.

I wanted my night to end well. Anna peered out of the car, shouting to her friend, only to realize she was being ignored. She seemed impatient. She wasn’t the type to take kindly to someone ignoring her. Anna quickly jumped out of the car again and grabbed my hand. I considered jerking my hand away.

My free hand reached out for the edge of the bus station’s cover and missed. I dug my heels into the concrete. Anna was too strong and dragged me towards the car. This was not like Anna, to show up out of nowhere and demand I simply fall in line.

“Where are we going?” I protested.

“You’ll see,” she said.

“I’m not going to just let you abduct me,” I was still struggling to loosen her tight grip.

“You already have,” Anna grinned as she pushed me into the car. This time I looked back and saw the stares of the people whom I ignored. The happenings of the past year wore thick on their faces too.

Anna pulled out of the makeshift parking space at breakneck speed. I barely had time to put on my seatbelt. I had not completely lost my mind so I was conscious enough to be worried about where we were going. Everything happened so fast. Anna hadn’t bothered to be polite, not even asking what I had been up to or how I had been. I could not help but feel a bit strange that Anna had known exactly where to find me as well. It wasn’t as if we were in heavy communications anymore. I had barely spoken outside of social media and most of those interactions consisted of me viewing Anna, liking a photo, or sending a message only to be answered with staccato.

I gave up a long time ago. Not only because it felt stalkerish, but it was ill-advised by many. And I still have a question. Was Anna in trouble or was Anna just being Anna, dramatic and overbearing as usual? I was just starting to get my life back, and my parent’s trust. Was Anna worth it? She certainly was not worth road rash.

“Anna, is everything ok?”

Anna’s delayed response has me trapped. Anna seemed okay, she wore a denim jacket and a white dress with neon green tennis shoes. She also changed her hair, it was short and jet black. Anna usually wore her hair long and light brown. I looked down at my clothes and realized Anna may have thought the same thing when she saw me. If I had known I was going to hang with Anna tonight, I would have dressed accordingly instead of this jacket, t-shirt, and light denim jeans.

The drive was agonizing. I felt like I would be stuck in this car for the next century. The minutes ticked by with the miles, never quite stopping but so slow that they may as well have.

I watched Anna as she drove. The set of Anna’s mouth was stubborn and not quite a frown. I was wrong that Anna was okay- that was a woman with something on her mind. I opened her mouth to ask the question just as she turned into a lousy old gravel driveway. God, what it would do to the finish on this car.

It was a large abandoned warehouse in the middle of nowhere that stood alone and seemed to be waiting for something bad to happen. It was as unique as the time we stumbled upon an old building that was finally laid to rest years ago. The building was built as a firehouse but later turned into a printing shop. What made this place unique were all the old fire truck parts that were left on the floor and walls. Many businesses and non-profit organizations tried to use this building, but none survived. Nothing good seemed to come from the low rate lease. This was where things went to die. This warehouse seemed dangerous. From the look on Anna’s face, she knew this so why the fuck were we here?

“Anna, I don’t know about this.” I knew following her would get me into trouble one day. And had it already? Still, I was too damn curious.

A joy ride here and there, a party or two, and assault were some of the things I watched go down, but never took much part in. I just couldn’t bring myself to do the things I witnessed. I was still her person; I just needed to let out a part of myself that my parents seemed to not understand. I liked life, loved it, and felt one had to deal with the good and bad parts of the world to live it to the fullest. Spending money with fake friends wasn’t going to help me live and Anna was a gateway to a whole new life. Only this was different. Anna always had my back and never put me in danger; well, rarely at least. Today, though, my gut is screaming. 

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