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#2 Blood of the Covenant: Chapter 1 — A Strange Boy

A paranormal horror romance 

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The most exquisite flavor; fruity, sweet, with a salty tang. I wanted to savor the taste, but my stomach would not cooperate. A pressure released from my wrists.

I scratched at the bag wanting to tear it open, but a strange, sad boy held it sturdy in his tight grip as if he knew my intentions. Too soon, it was empty. An odd nagging sensation in my stomach begged for food. Why would he give me wine when I wanted food? Quenching my thirst was just making my hunger more intense and yet, I wanted the wine.

“More.” My voice sounded hoarse and dry as if I had not used it in a very long time.

He held his hands firmly around a new bag offering me only the straw that protruded between his middle and index fingers. I let it sit in my mouth for a moment, savoring the taste, before letting the warm liquid slowly drift down my throat. Without request, there was another bag ready for me.

As I reached for it, he pulled it back towards himself ever so slightly, teasing me and inducing a sudden unexplainable hunger for his death. If only I could be bothered. The wine was his distracting savior.

“Is it feeling better yet?” he asked.

It was. Somewhere, in that second bag of wine, my hunger somewhat subsided. Nevertheless, I still wanted the third one. I wanted more of the sweetness on my tongue and the strange warmth in my stomach.

I shook my head and held my hands out. I could reach him, if I wanted to. Tear at his skin and shred his flesh. I could not fathom where this anger or blood-lust came from. Who was this boy? I knew nothing of him. I knew nothing of anything. Still, my heart pumped hard with a need to spill his delicious, ruby life juice.


He lifted the little attached plastic straw and held it out to me, still controlling my consumption, controlling me. I hated him for his control and I adored him for his offerings. I still wanted him dead, but I was so unsure of everything that I went with my unexplainable instinct to trust him.

“You need to slow down,” he warned. His voice was delicately masculine, the type of voice that makes your heart beat faster while simultaneously relaxing your every muscle and thought. I nodded and took the straw into my mouth.

He had no need for concern. I did slow down because I wanted to savor every moment. I closed my eyes and sipped gently feeling every molecule of the wine on every taste bud. I let it roll around my mouth, against my inner cheeks, and over my teeth until they tingled. Then I let it drizzle ever so slowly down my throat, feeling the warmth and the perfect smoothness. I took my time. It seemed to take forever yet it could never take long enough. The third bag was empty and I looked at him in hope.

He shook his head, “That’s all for now. Later.”

I closed my eyes and licked my lips but his finger got there first. The touch was arousing until I realized he had stolen the flavor from me. Anger ripped through me and I wanted to tear his face apart and crush his skull in my hands. I thought about ‘later’, future wine, and my moment of rupturing anger chilled like ice.

When I opened my eyes, his hand was wrapped around the metal bar just above my own, not quite touching me. I could break his fingers. His strangely welcoming face was close. A look of concern marked his otherwise calm and solid features. I was still slowly cleaning up the last traces of wine from every crevice inside my mouth with the tip of my tongue and he watched intently, his brow furrowing deeper with every movement beneath my cheeks.

I found my voice. “What?”

He looked into my eyes, the concern forcibly removed from his face though I could still see it flowing beneath his skin. He shook his head and smiled gently. “Nothing. It’s just,” he hesitated. “Nothing, I missed you.”

Oh, OK, he knew me. So?

His eyes were the most beautiful pink I could imagine, like pink tourmaline, gentle and delicate. Albino? His pale skin was impossibly translucent; I could see his veins. I could see the blood moving through them and the rhythmical beat was calling to me.

Confusion took my mind down a mossy slope of fear as I realized what was in my hand — a thick iron bar. Just 3.2613 inches away was another. A prison?

I felt light-headed. My lids were suddenly heavy and I could sense sleep pulling at my thoughts. As I collapsed, there was a single fluttering thought in my wrecked mind — ‘no pain’.

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Chapter 2: Helpless Puppy

Despite my inability to control my limbs, apparently, my facial expressions hid nothing. He laughed gently, apologized, and in one swift movement — too swift, too exact, not normal, I thought — released me from my tomb and set me on his lap at the edge of the bed. I felt like a child though my helpless embarrassment quickly dissolved into contentment.

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