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GREY by Liza Zahid

Stepping a foot outside, for the first time I felt I was finally free. Free of the shackles of law, free from being imprisoned in the room that pitied me, free from not being able to make my own choices, free from the 18-year imprisonment.

The room that pitied me was drowning in grey color which at first, I related to; the color. It perfectly represented my identity. It was neither black nor white. But one can bear so much grey in their lifetime, now can they? Maybe that’s why my family is content with me being imprisoned by this lawless world they call earth. They couldn’t bear any more grey in their life.

My dorm mates or rather cell mates ranged in different colors. Some red and intoxicated by sins, some white and intoxicated by their need to prove themselves being wrongly accused, some black and intoxicated by the darkness of the world, and others lost in the words that define the colors. I shall rather miss the cocktail we mates were. We understood each other from our stories while the world defined us by them. I shall miss those nights we silently hummed jailhouse rock and laughed at the irony.

It’s ironic how they call it justice when in fact it’s nowhere near equality. I shall miss the masked justice this prison symbolizes. I shall miss the words that came out of the judge’s mouth. “You, Jackson have been found guilty of first-hand murder of 6-year-old Bailey and have been sentenced to 18 years of imprisonment”

18 years of my life for 6 years of Bailey’s life. What a trade it really was! I look back and I regret nothing. A man has to have courage to not regret anything. And I was that man.

I am grey

I am white 

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