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In The Court of The Oblivion Lord

Haley has been holding her arms up at a right angle for an hour now. The camp provided climbing shoes, which she swears were too tight but Counselor Fran said otherwise, were not made to be comfy while standing on the cold, void-black stone of the summit.

This “First transformation sequence,” sucks ass.

Counselor Fran was coaching everyone. Apparently some people were “doing it wrong,” and “could pass out.” Idiots. Not Rainbow and her though. They were doing great. A real lame thing to be great at.

Haley began to look beyond her campmates, funny as it were to watch Owen try to sneakily adjust his cat-ear hairband when Counselor Fran wasn’t looking after the swirling wind that almost took it, she also saw that Team North got a “You’re doing perfect,” and their smug little smiles and chin raise and one of them giggled and fuck them oh my god.

Focus was the main part of this, but she didn’t know what Counselor Fran meant by her explanation of “You gotta like, look… like an inch behind your own eyes? Look backwards. That’s a bad way to explain it but it’s what I did.”

Her weird hand gestures only made it worse.

She tried rolling her eyes back behind her head, closing her eyes and counting, and blurring her eyes real hard. All it ended up with was that she teared up, nearly ate shit, and got a headache for like two seconds.

In her staring out, focusing on a cool bird and how it ruffled its flaming feathers, her mind drifted from her brainstem.

She knew she did something wrong because she could see, in the middle of her vision, a growing dot of darkness. It swelled and around it, everything warped. She could see the back of her own head, as if standing behind herself, holding her arms out like a goober.

Before she could cry out, darkness swallowed her sight, and her scream was silent.

Pins, thin, sharp, pricked into every fold of her brain, through every vertebra disc, into every pore of her skin. That was the feeling of those words that tolled like a death knell in her head.

It said, “To me, present yourself.”

Those words felt so disgusting and when she took a step she was naked did she fall over and fucking die and and and-

Her stomach lurched and she threw up but nothing came out.

She curled up and wished that this would end, that something would protect her and something did.

Purple light enveloped her body, swelled and popped to reveal knight’s armor, bulky and dark as the void.

She squeezed her eyes shut, and trembled, rattling the chain and platemail.

Then she felt light through her eyelids and looked up to see the brightest smile on Counselor Fran’s face, felt a locket on her neck. She’s back to earth.

Haley saw the others, and could only focus on how Team North all glittered like diamonds.

Fuck ‘em.

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