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Drugged Date

Loud knocks on the door brought Belle out of her Shameless marathon and to the peephole leading to the hallway outside of her questionable apartment. There stood a young girl, swaying slightly and blinking slowly, looking as if she were going to fall over any second. Deciding it was just some drunkard knocking on the wrong door, Belle went back to her paused marathon. Knocking interrupted once more before it went silent, sighing Belle went back to her show.

“Why didn’t you answer your door?” came a slurred voice from behind her.

Leaping from her couch Belle spun to face the intruder, hands ready to defend herself. “How the hell did you get in?” she screamed.

The intruder looked at her as if she was stupid, “I walked through the door?”

“It’s locked!”


“So how did you get in?” Belle was getting tired of the game this drunkard was playing. “The door’s locked, how the hell did you get in. And give me a real answer or else I’m calling the cops.”

“No you won’t,” the intruder said, swaying towards the kitchen. “If you do then you’d go to jail, not me.” She giggled slightly at the thought.

Belle’s eyes widened, “No I wouldn’t.”

“Yes you would, Puppeteer.”

Belle froze, how did she know I’m her. “I think you’re too drunk, I’m not her.”

“But you are. I followed you here one night after you stole a sandwich from the sub station down the street. It wasn’t anything big so I didn’t really see the need to catch you. Though it was rude to turn the cash register into slime. I like that place, they have good cookies.” The intruder swayed the more she talked and soon stumbled into the kitchen and onto a nearby chair.

“Who the fuck are you?” Belle demanded following the intruder.

Again, she looked at Belle as if she were stupid, “I thought you’d recognize me. I’m sorry.” She turned her head and looked down at the table sadly.

“That doesn’t answer my question, who the fuck are you?”


Belle blinked before slowly lowering her guard, “Why are you here, Phaser?”

She sniffled, “I was on a date, and she was really nice. We went out for dinner at this really swanky place. It had these nice little booths and free bread. It was really good bread too. We talked the whole time; I barely ate anything while I was there. Then we went to a bar, cause I didn’t want to go home yet, and work has been bad, and you’ve been less active so I was worried, and Dr. Shit was doing more stuff cause he’s a shit hole and so we went to a bar. And it was fun, I was being responsible, and we were dancing, and then I had to pee and I think she put something in my drink cause I only had one and I feel like I’ve had twenty. And normally I can hold my drinks, but I only had one and I don’t feel good. Where’s your bathroom?”

Belle pointed to the bathroom door as Phaser lurched in that direction. “Are you telling me that you got drugged on a date?” she asked, following the inebriated woman into the small room.

“Yep,” she replied, kneeling on the floor next to the toilet. “Now hold my hair up please.”

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