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New Neighborhood

“Well? What are we waiting for an invitation?” Barry asked shifting his body to face his partner who sat in the driver’s seat of the car.

“No, we need to wait and see if a cop is gonna come. Plus its daylight we can’t go out now stupid.” Drew replied putting down the binoculars he had held to his face. Ten minutes into this and Barry couldn’t sit still, as always. “Will you just wait; we gotta make sure we’re doing it right this time. I don’t want this to get screwed up again.”

Barry sighed. “Alright you got me Drew,” he put his hands up in surrender. “I’ll try not to mess up this time as long as you get me one of those cake things you got that one time. Those tasted good.” He smiled in remembrance of the treat.

Drew nodded in consent and put the binoculars back up to his face. He frowned before speaking. “I don’t think we can do it today, there’s too many around.” The binoculars never left his face as he stared at the building they were observing.

“If we’re not do’ in it today then you’re getting me two of those cakes.”




“How about now?”

“Still no.” Barry sighed and rolled his head back for the seventh time that night. Drew pulled away from his binoculars and looked at Barry. Drew put the binoculars down in his lap and turned to Barry. “If you’re so anxious you could look with me. It always helps when there’s another pair of eyes on the lookout.”

“I don’t need binoculars for lookout my eyes alone are just fine.” Barry said head still tilted back.

“Yeah sure you can. Hey which one was the one that was on vacation?” Drew asked putting the binoculars back to his face.

“The big white one said they were going to the Bahamas.” He lifted his head as he got ready to tell his information. “Said they were leaving on Sunday, real friendly and excited.” He paused his story. “How come we never on vacation Drew? We deserve it, we do all this work and we never go on vacation.”

“I do the work, you sit here and complain about work.” Drew said still looking through the binoculars. Barry sneered at his comment.

“Yeah well I do the work when we actually get outta the car. That’s when I work and you don’t.” he huffed and turned to look out his window. “Here’s one.” Drew whipped his binoculars down and looked out the passenger window. “Guess work doesn’t start till tomorrow now. You owe me another cake.”

“I don’t owe you squat Barry. I already gave you the two you asked for.” Drew started the car and pulled out onto the street. “If anything you owe me. You haven’t paid for rent this month and I had to cover it. You know how that old lady gets, all cranky and mad when she doesn’t get paid.”

“Then why aren’t we doing this to her house? Then we can just pay her back with that instead of our actual pay.” Barry exclaimed throwing his hands wildly in the air.

“Cause she never leaves her house. It’d be impossible.”

“I don’t see none.” Barry said looking out both windows into the night.

“We just got here Barry. Be patient, we need to know when they might come.” Drew stayed silent for a while. “Did they say when they were coming back from vacation?” his binoculars were trained to the building once more.

“No, said they were gonna stay for a while though.” Barry put his elbow up by the window and put his head in his hand. “Can we go yet?”

“No. Did they say if anyone was coming by to watch it? Or anything like that?” Drew asked eyes still trained on the building.

“No, why do’ you always think people spill their guts to me?” Barry sneered also looking at the building.

“I don’t know maybe it’s because you’re so approachable.” Drew sneered back.

“Ha-ha, very funny.”

They waited a few more minutes in the dark, “I think we can go in now.” Drew said putting his binoculars in the back seat and grabbing a piece of fabric instead.

“Really?” Barry asked turning to his partner, getting very excited. Almost like a kid in the candy store.

“Yes really.” Drew put the fabric over his head revealing it to be a hat of sorts. “Now put your hat on and get ready to go. Oh and get your gloves too, I don’t want a repeat of last time.” Drew glared slightly at Barry who ignored this and kept searching for his hat.

Barry smiled widely the whole time he was fumbling around to find his hat and gloves. “This is going to be so much fun.” He kept his smile on his face as he hopped out of the car and waited for drew to do the same. He jogged in place for a bit trying to get the jitters out of his system before going inside.

“Calm down Barry. We don’t need any unwanted attention; I really don’t want what happened last time to happen again.” Drew glared at Barry to enforce his point as much as possible. “Now get the bag and get ready.”

Barry put his hand to his forehead and saluted as he said “Sir yes sir!”

Drew rolled his eyes and turned to face the building. “There a dog?”

“Nope, but there is a cat.” Barry replied pulling a big duffle bag from the back seat.

“I hate cats.” Drew wrinkled his nose in disgust while Barry laughed.

“Well I like ‘em.” He replied with a grin. “We better get going before a neighbor looks out a window.”

“Yeah, yeah. You’re the one slowing us down right now, now hurry it up.” Drew said moving to the sidewalk. “Now be quiet and stick to the shadows.”

“Right, ninja time.” Barry said moving the collar of his shirt up to cover his mouth and nose making him look like a ninja of sorts.

“You’re an idiot Barry.” Drew said walking along a tall fence.

“Takes one to know one.” Barry muttered under his breath.

Drew shook his head and kept walking, “heard that.”

“Damn it.”

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