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All’s Fair in Love & Zombies

Nothingness met him when he woke.

“Rick?” a breath of air escaping lips, the chill of the surrounding air biting with jagged nails as it was drawn in.


“Rick this isn’t funny.” flatly toned, unamused, annoyed.

A rustle. 

Light. Blinding light. Like those damn cars with LED headlights.

Nothingness. Though this time when he opened his eyes, it was more night blindness with bright spots popping all about.

Slowing the popping stopped being amusing and his vision came back.

“Rick, damnit, this isn’t funny. What the hell are you doing?” the barking bite of annoyance clear. 


Light again, and the faint sound of voices. He could feel something, mid-body, tugging at him. No ripping.

He didn’t seem to feel it though. But there were what sounded like faint and distant screams. And someone called his name.

What was his name anyway? He knew Rick was his boyfriend, but who the hell was he? 

His legs felt light, something tugging on those, too.

“MATT!” A voice loud and clear, a clarion ring, as if an angel had touched him physically.

And suddenly he was awake. And this time, it was real. 

“Matt, hang on!”

He was afraid to look at what was tugging on his middle and legs. Slowly raising a head, heavy with sleep, and realizing he hadn’t been sleeping.

He had been knocked unconscious by one of the explosives that went off too soon. The dead were approaching, and their roots were tangled in his limbs and torso, tugging, and pulling limbs to test them.

“Crap…!!” a panicked noise like an animal caught in a trap keening its way through the room. He could hear the dead shuffling towards them. Rick was never going to get down here in time. He was screwed. So, screwed.

The gun.

He saw it in the corner of his eye, having been knocked away by the explosion. He could see his clothes were tattered and ripped, burned even. He was surprised he still had clothes at this point.

Glinting off its surface the light bounced from place to place when he reached for and grabbed it. Bringing it up he knew he couldn’t shoot the roots, so the least he could do was keep them off them. He knew Rick wasn’t going to give up.

Speaking of…

“Matt!” Rick skidded to a halt beside him, grey eyes calculating the distance between them, and the amount of work it would take to get him out. 

He said nothing. He didn’t feel he could, he was too damn scared.

“We’ve got this. I’m gonna get you out of here.” a soothing tone that hopped as the knife in Rick’s hands chopped away at the vines to clear them. “I’m not leaving you to die like this. And besides. I’d miss having to clean up your shit all the time.”

My shit…” That was bull and he knew it. Narrowing eyes at him with a fire that made him grin. 

“Good, I don’t care if you’re annoyed with me, that’s better than feeling defeated.”

He’s right. That inner monologue just wouldn’t shut up sometimes. 

Rick was through one leg and just starting the other when the dead shuffled around the corner. There wasn’t much time left.

“Rick… hurry!” He hissed. His hands shook, sweat… “Rick, I love you.” He said it, for the first time ever he said it.

“Stop. Just focus. Shoot any of them if they get too close. You’re an awesome shot. Don’t let this mess you up.” chop, chop, chop. “I love you, too.”

BAM. A roar of gunfire had them both wincing in pain from the sound. One dead down. Its demise apparent from the hole in its midsection.

Rotting flesh wasn’t as resilient as living flesh. 

BAM. Another roar, a spit of fire even this time. 

“You’re good! GO!” Rick leapt forward grabbing the long rifle off his back. “Get up! I got this.”

Matt scrambled to his feet, catching a few places here and there where the knife hadn’t quite chopped through. He could hear Rick picking them off one by one, grabbing his gun and turning to help. He couldn’t believe what they had both just said. It made him feel absolute joy so much, his stomach hurt.

Rick wasn’t fighting.

He was looking up and staring. The color drained from his normally robust expression.

Matt almost feared looking to see what he was staring at. But he did.


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